Nov 01.2016

Unilumin’s UpadⅢ – your best rental partner

Every business, every project needs a good partnership or collaboration. When it comes to advertising, exhibition or any other business or project, it might require a good display system, well, a good display.

LCDs can’t handle brightness and size, DLPs are too bulky and expensive and hoardings are just so 90s so what is the option left?  LED displays.

Yes, LED displays have the brightness, contrast, colors and no size limitations which make them perfect for the job.

But once you have made that choice, it is only half the battle won. One still has to find that perfect partner for their projects too and when it comes to rental, the eligibility criteria gets more demanding.

Of course, it has to have high brightness, contrast ratio, refresh rate and compatibility with input devices but that is just the start.

A rental LED display needs to be strong yet flexible.

It needs quick maintenance and requires very less of it.

It needs to be easy to install and align because when making a big rental display, precise alignment is one of the key criteria.

It needs to be curve-able to accommodate the growing demand of curved screens.

And it needs to be a strong body to be able to protect the fragile inside components.

So, where does one find this One for All LED display?

The answer is, at Unilumin, Unilumin’s UpadⅢ has all these qualities.

It’s strong, it has a climbable body, despite of its tough exterior, it is capable of all the curves; be it convex or concave.


Convex or concave

For indoor displays, its cabinets have built-in curves.

Convex curve up to 5 degree(custermize)

It requires little maintenance and when it does it is quick. It can be installed quickly and precisely, all thanks to its magnetic tops.

Magnet on top

It has features to protect LEDs at the bottom in case of hitting when installing or disassembling.

Considerate design to protect bottom LEDs

Flexible installation, it can be hung or stacked.



And the best feature – it can be all done very quickly, which we have said already but did we mention it needs only person to do it all?  Yes, that is why Unilumin’s UpadⅢ is One ,for All.  It does not require an army of technicians or engineers. One person is more than enough.

What are you waiting for? Call Unilumin’s sales engineers on +86-(0)755-29918999 or drop us a line at and get acquainted with your best display partner.

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