Apr 19.2018

Unilumin Upanel helps to renew Russia 1st TV channel studio


Project: 1st TV Channel Russia project

Product Model: Upanel 1.9 & Upanel 1.2

Screen Size: 14.64m x 2.058m & 6.1m x 3.43m

Location: Russia

Russia 1st TV channel project

Russia 1st TV channel (Первый канал) is recognized as the leading role of the Russian television broadcasting and the most popular Russian-language channel in the world with more than 250 million audiences in 190 countries. To celebrate the 50th year anniversary, giving a new look to this news TV studio, Channel One set the project and selected Unilumin after evaluating proposals from several LED display providers. 



Unilumin solution

To match the demands for TV broadcasting, great quality and stable performance, Unilumin provided 2 Upanel screens for the whole project: 144 cabinets of Upanel 1.9, size 14.64m x 2.058m with resolution of 7680px x 1080px; in total 100 cabinets of Upanel 1.2, size 6.1m x 3.43m with resolution of 4800 px x2700 px. Besides, the full redundancy power and signal for both screens were equipped to perform a better TV broadcasting. 


Unilumin successfully met the requirements given by Channel One of creating integration video of large 1.2 screen and virtual reality, and being highly appreciated for the product quality and professional service during this whole project.




Being regarded as a True 16:9 LED Display Unit, Upanel is especially suitable for indoor applications such as coference rooms, control rooms, newsrooms and TV broadcasting stations. Since its launch, Upanel has been applied to numorous studios, for instance, Italy Sky TV station (2016, Upanel 1.9), Mexico TV station (2016, Upanel 1.5), Group Gimm TV Station in Mexico South America (2016, Upanel 1.9), Guangzhou (2017, Upanel 1.9), etc. 



Unilumin has been trying effort to satisfy different requirements from our clients. From products to solutions, Unilumin is always here to help you reach your goals. Stay tuned.

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