Feb 01.2024

Leading Industry Trends, Ushering in a New Future of Metasight

At the end of winter, spring is approaching quietly. From January 30th to February 2nd, Barcelona Spain ushered in the global display industry event——the ISE exhibition. At this stage, which brings together industry elites and leads the future technology trends, Unilumin showcased its latest technological outcomes, including COB 8K products, multiple new products, and various Metasight application scenarios.



Cutting-edge COB 8K Product

Excellent for both indoor and outdoor, Unilumin COB products stand out as a main feature of booth 3C300. Especially the Upanel Micro 0.7 8K large screen delivers a breathtaking visual experience at the site, with the depth and richness of the visuals remarkably captivating the attention of many visitors, which manifests Unilumin’s mature display and COB packaging technology.




New Series Launch

The atmosphere at the ISE live product launch is electric. Here Unilumin’s latest innovations Upanel AM1.2-F, Utile MCOB product, UTV SC and double-sided screen UslimS2 2.5 have made their first appearance one by one at the product launches, demonstrating the newest technologies and strengths of Unilumin and unveiling the great commercial potential underlying their mesmerizing key features.





Metasight Solutions for Multiple Scenarios

VP Stage: The stage is set up by Upad1.9 Pro with a 15360Hz ultra-high refresh rate and premium shooting effect, seamlessly integrating SPIRIT Robotics, cutting-edge tracking data, and the innovative BACKDROP solution to deliver stunning 3D real-time and Augmented Reality content. The immersive content, meticulously designed and crafted by DreamCorp Crea-tech studio, is not only visually captivating but also fully customizable and automated. With the support of multiCAM’s user-friendly system, we ensure that even those new to video technology can effortlessly operate it. Multi-party cooperation makes it an extraordinary virtual production stage.





Smart Education: As one of the core scenarios at Unilumin booth, the smart education solution delivers a brand-new visual classroom experience to on-site visitors. UTV SC All-in-one series linked with touch interactive blackboard shows great convenience and high efficiency that the teaching process can achieve with visual support leveraged.  



Cinema Solution: Featured with MIP chip-level packaging HD display and ultra-high picture consistency, the digital cinema with Utile MCOB product deployed delivers an immersive cinema scenario for visitors.




Broadcasting Solution: Appealing to many eyes, Unilumin’s advanced broadcasting solution demonstrates its new height in media communication excellence. Adopting professional displays Uslim S2, UpanelSⅡ1.2and ULWⅢ(Utile Series), the solution boasts high-definition images with a smooth viewing experience, which shows its considerable value for live broadcast activities.




The art installation displayed right on the front of Unilumin booth is also a highlight not to be ignored. The creative splicing of XS and XC products brings unique visual beauty. In addition, Unilumin also displays a rental sample area and a sports product sample area, allowing visitors to intuitively feel the lightness of the products and experience the ease and convenience of installation.

Thrilled to announce that Unilumin outdoor series Usurface USK COB has won the 2024 Inavation Awards, as the Best Digital Signage Product!



Together for a brighter future! Unilumin Technology continues to explore and innovate to provide global customers with high-quality Metasight solutions and services. At the ISE exhibition, we witnessed the prosperity and development of the Metasight industry and saw the infinite possibilities in the future. Let’s look forward to our next gathering!