Jun 28.2016

Unilumin Lights Up the Fantastic Journey of Disney

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There have been a lot of moments when we at Unilumin have been proud of our accomplishments, of our prestigious projects and of being the choice of our esteemed customers over every other brand available in the market.

Recently, we again felt elated when Disney chooses Unilumin Ultra-High Definition LED displays for their newest theme park in Shanghai. They choose not one, not two but three LED displays for their facility in Pudong, Shanghai.

The three hundred and ninety hectare Shanghai Disney opened to public on 16th of June 2016. The park has entertainment district, hotels, recreational facilities, transportation hubs and transportation hubs where they needed a reliable display system. Unilumin’s one of the finest outdoor-fixed category product Ufix 6mm was installed at western bus hub of Disney to help people see the information bright and clear.

The next requirement was in the exhibition hall for the information display. Here was the real challenge as the display is meant to be viewed up-close, it requires narrow pixel pitch but not to worry when Unilumin is there. Unilumin’s Upanel 1.5mm was just the right product for the job.

The most important and crucial things for a theme park is public security and to keep those thousands of people safe every day, theme parks such as Disney need a good command center with the latest technology and best possible tools. Unilumin’s Upanel 1.5mm, a product that specializes in command centers and control rooms application was chosen to assist the command center team to keep a watchful eye on everybody.

Now what better proof can we give? Even Mickey Mouse loves Unilumin. So pick-up your phones and dial +86-(0)755-29918999 or write to us at salesunilumin.com to learn more about the amazing Unilumin products.