Sep 30.2021

Unilumin Starts Running World’s Largest LED Display Smart Manufacturing Base

Unilumin announced today that its Daya Bay smart manufacturing base, the world's largest LED display smart factory located in Huizhou, China, is up and running.


Covering a total area of over 300,000 square meters, the manufacturing base consists of two phases, including Phase I that has been running for years and Phase II that has just been put into use. With the recent completion of Phase II, the whole manufacturing base has become a "beacon factory" in LED industry, with the ability to provide LED products and services that are expected to value more than $1 billion annually at full capacity.



Unilumin's latest Mini LED production line, which has been interested to the industry, has since started its production in pursuit of smarter management and bigger capacities. Unilumin has achieved mass shipments of P0.9 Mini LED products as early as in 2019, taking the lead of massive production of Mini LED in the industry. This year, furthermore, the orders for P0.9 and P0.7 products have gained a major year-on-year increase and are still growing rapidly.


Thanks to the completion, Unilumin's manufacturing capacities have been greatly expanded. This will fundamentally solve the pain point of "insufficient capacity" in LED industry, enabling quicker response to customer needs and more timely and sufficient supply.


The completion is followed by a grand completion celebration ceremony held today in the manufacturing base in Huizhou, where local government officers, industry experts, and business partners were present, including Wei Hu, deputy director of Huizhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Shengping Liu, chairman of China Association of Lighting Industry, Linping Dou, vice chairman of China Soled State Lighting Alliance (CSA), and Zhen Hong, secretary general of LED Display Application Branch of China Optics & Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, Senji Cheng, secretary general of the LED Brand Development Promotion Association of Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone, and many other important guests.


"We are customer-centric driven and value what our customers and partners' needs. We are constantly making innovations on R&D and manufacturing and upgrading our manufacturing in an increasingly digitalized, intelligentized, and automated way," says Mingfeng Lin, chairman of Unilumin Group, in his opening speech. "Starting in February 2019, the Daya Bay Manufacturing Base Phase II has been invested with over $150 million. With the investment, we are introducing various cutting-edge technologies and smart facilities, such as human-machine intelligent interaction, industrial robots, intelligent logistics management, to pave the way for realizing "digitalized manufacturing" and "Industry 4.0"."


The completion of Phase II and full commissioning of Mini LED production line are a leap in LED manufacturing technology, marking a milestone for Unilumin and laying a solid foundation for the company's future development. With the advanced manufacturing technology and equipment deployed, Unilumin has marched into an era where manufacturing capacities and product quality are greatly enhanced.


Following the completion, Unilumin aims at maintaining an industry leadership in terms of cost and efficiency, upholding the vision of leading the development of LED industry, and bringing infinite brightness to the world.