Sep 11.2015

Unilumin Largest Outdoor LED Display in Asia Debut in Chongqing

Recently, Asia’s largest outdoor LED display debut in Chongqing Maoye Mall, total area is up to 3363㎡, height over 100m, created a brilliant outdoor LED display. This largest outdoor LED display stands in Chongqing Guanyin Bridge Business Circle, strong visual effect impress everyone. No matter from which direction, you can see the amazing achievement.

Asia’s largest outdoor LED display, who created it? Unilumin , one of the global leading LED manufacturers delivering turnkey LED display with partners in 120 countries and regions. In addition to this project, Unilumin provided LED display for The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Universiade KAZAN, Universiade Shenzhen and so on.

Given the title of “the first in Asia” is due to the following reasons.

?Height: Over 100m, the highest outdoor LED display in Asia

?Light Weight: 15-18kg/㎡,1/6 of traditional display

?Green: No light pollution, auto-brightness adjustment and energy saving

In the future, Unilumin will bring you more high-quality and high-tech landmarks enriching the city landscape.