Dec 29.2023



Dear Unilumin clients, partners, colleagues, and friends all over the world: Happy New Year!


As we look back on the year of 2023, we're pleased to see life returning to normal and the global economy showing signs of recovery. Despite facing numerous internal and external challenges, Unilumin Group has, on the whole, maintained stable development. I want to express my sincere gratitude to our global customers for their unwavering support and to all our colleagues for their tireless efforts, which have empowered Unilumin to navigate through the storm and continue to forge ahead.


At this crossroads of global economic transformation, we must hold onto one truth: we can't control changes in the external environment, but we can illuminate our inner light, grow from within, and flourish in the future. In other words, it's only through the company's internal growth—through innovation and efficiency—that we can weather economic cycles, conquer the long winter, and bloom when spring arrives.


What innovative steps did Unilumin Group take in 2023?


Leading the Charge in COB and MIP Technologies

In 2023, the LED industry ushered in the Mini/MicroLED era. As a trailblazer in LED display technology, Unilumin has consistently strategized in COB and MIP technologies. During the Hangzhou Asian Games, we launched the "world's first" outdoor COB products at West Lake, marking the start of a new race in direct view LED display! Since September 2023, we've hosted a series of COB summits across China and introduced a variety of groundbreaking new technology products, including COB, MIP, AM drive, dynamic pixels, etc., painting a picture of Unilumin's future vision of Micro display in "all forms, all scenarios, all applications". Especially Unilumins Upanel Mini AM series soft screens amazed lots of clients.



2023 AI empowers the LED industry. Riding the wave of the evolving concept of AI metaverse, ChatGPT kicks off 2023 as the trendsetter, providing a boost to Metasight digitalization. Against this backdrop, Unilumin is racing towards a tech-powered digital transformation. Reflecting on the past year, we received the official green light for GPT-4, securing global nods from Microsoft and Dell workstations with ISV certifications. We seamlessly plugged into the forefront of technology, including AI and XR, by aligning ourselves with the industry's top-notch supply chain. Through strategic alliances with industry leaders, our virtual workforce is now fully immersed in a variety of AI tools, delivering all-encompassing solutions to our clients. Leveraging AI to accelerate space computation, motion tracking, full-view naked-eye 3D, and other software systems tailored for the company's new applications and businesses, Unilumin has obtained numerous software copyright certificates, creating a digital production full-link solution of LED hardware + digital assets + virtual system + motion capture + AI, forming a closed-loop ecosystem in the vertical field. The Unilumin virtual IP family, ''U Friend,'' continues to thrive, with characters like Qi Xiaomo, Jiang Yixing, Jumao Bawei, Luduan, and others gaining widespread adoption as cutting-edge digital staff in brick-and-mortar stores. This lays the foundation for a seamless, efficient, and reliable digital ecosystem.


Good news for the New Year, On January 1st, the metaverse block, which Unilumin helped construct, will open on Jiaozi Avenue in Chengdu. The launching ceremonyLet's Make a Wish to 2024 in Metaverse Blockwill take place here. Through the integration of digital technology and consumption scenes, Jiaozi Avenue will be upgraded to a round-the-clock digital-reality Metaverse Block. Starting on January 1st, citizens will have the opportunity to experience the seamless integration of digital images with real roads and buildings, and witness the future of brand-new neighborhoods.


Metasight Scenarios Across Diverse Scales Powered by Unilumin's Proprietary IoT Management Platform

In the words of Peter Drucker, the best way to predict the future is to create it. Grounded in our foundational LED technology, Unilumin proudly introduces the game-changing concept of "Metasight" – a seamless fusion of LED displays and lighting. Metasight transcends mere hardware integration; it's a symphony of software control, artistic design, IoT technology, and digital content, representing a massive market with a trillion-dollar potential. With a commitment to being ''well-prepared on all fronts,'' Unilumin is constantly refining tailored solutions for outdoor, semi-outdoor, and indoor applications. From the opulent MGM Hotel in Qingdao, and the Galaxy Macau, to the captivating fish tank displays at West Lake... each prestigious project attests to the fact that LED displays have evolved beyond their traditional role of ''display and lighting,'' now possessing not only aesthetic value but transforming into dazzling pieces of spatial art.


Undoubtedly, one of the most notable projects in 2023 is the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, the world's largest spherical LED immersive theater. With mind-bending visual effects and an immersive audio-visual experience, the MSG Sphere is a globally discussed phenomenon.


Back in 2022, Unilumin set a then-global record with the Boulevard World spherical screen created for the Riyadh Season in Saudi Arabia. This 35-meter diameter sphere, with a visually stunning LED spherical screen on the outside and an entertaining cinema on the inside, shone like a jewel in the desert, creating a ''small Metasight scenario,'' while the entire Riyadh Season project constituted a ''large Metasight scenario.'' Both scenarios were made possible by Unilumin's proprietary Metasight IoT management platform and Metasight scenario control operation platform.


The Riyadh Season project serves as a prime example of Unilumin's deep involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative, evolving into a landmark of cultural tourism in Saudi Arabia. Consequently, during the 2023 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, Unilumin once again inked a strategic agreement with Saudi Arabia, joining forces to propel the development of the country's entertainment industry and experiential digital economy forward.


Smart Light Poles Making Waves Both at Home and Abroad

Unilumin's high-tech light poles seamlessly blend smart lighting, video display, security monitoring, one-click assistance, public broadcasting, 5G base stations, and even phone and car charging—a true all-in-one Metasight solution. Over the past year, our smart pole projects have been riding the wave of international opportunities. Meanwhile, in the domestic market, iconic projects like the Huangmugang Traffic Hub in Shenzhen and the Shenzhen Garden Project in Baoding, Hebei, have not only showcased our top-notch solutions but have also been crucial contributors to the development of smarter cities through innovative technology and brilliant solutions.


Constant Participation in Major Sporting Events Both Domestically and Internationally

Over the past year, Unilumin has emerged as a powerhouse, actively supporting major sporting events such as the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chengdu Universiade, and the FIBA World Cup. Our sports solutions, whether utilizing cutting-edge intelligent display products or innovative lighting products, consistently meet the needs and expectations of our clients.


Pioneering Virtual Shooting Solutions and LED Cinema Projection Systems, Driving Independent Innovation in China's National Film Technology

Unilumin Group, along with its subsidiary ROE Visual, took the lead in 2023 with the virtual film production "Everything Everywhere All at Once," resulting in over a hundred digital virtual studios globally. Unilumin proudly stands as the only film screen company with four DCI certifications. In December, our LED cinema screen illuminated a key location along the Belt and Road – the grand opening of Xinjiang's first LED cinema, the GHX Cinema. Following this success, during the Hainan Island International Film Festival, Unilumin, in collaboration with the China Research Institute of Film Science and Technology and Hainan Yinlong Film, established a new demonstration hall for domestically produced LED cinema projection systems in Sanya Summer Day Station Cinema. From virtual shooting to projection systems, Unilumin now offers a start-to-finish solution for the film and television industry.


2023: A Year of Transformation within Unilumin

We've revamped our approach, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront and streamlining our organizational structure. While reinforcing the GTM+GTS+AR triumvirate model, we've enhanced synergy between brand, marketing, and research and development. By connecting the dots between the front and back ends, we've kept pace with customer demands, crafting products that stand out in the competitive arena. Simultaneously, we've elevated our communication with customers through video-based product intros and real-world application cases, making our on-screen interactions as natural as in-person meetings.


In our product strategy, our focus is on quality over quantity. We've consolidated the Unilumin display product lineup from over sixty to just over ten, introducing Chinese names for products like the "Xing" series (Xingzuan, Xingcan, Xingyao, Xingyun, Xinghe, Xingtu, etc.). The goal is to deliver customers products and solutions that pack a punch in terms of value.


2023: A Year of Radiant Impact for Unilumin's Philanthropy

Embracing our "social responsibility" as a leader in the LED industry, the Unilumin Charity Foundation has extended a helping hand to flood-stricken regions and communities in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. We've illuminated the path home for isolated and impoverished villages and bolstered rural lighting and the burgeoning "night economy" in East Timor.


As the dawn of the digital age illuminates the horizon, our once niche LED industry has metamorphosed into a dazzling star, the leading light of every scene. Our Metasight products, now an indispensable cog in the machine of every sector, light up a kaleidoscope of settings: bustling commerce, hushed classrooms, high-powered meetings, the halls of governance, dazzling entertainment, and heart-pounding sports arenas. As we stand on the cusp of 2024, a milestone year marking Unilumin's 20th anniversary, our inspiring vision of "Digitized Metasight lights up hundreds of countries and thousands of cities" is steadily becoming a reality, fueled by the organic growth of the Unilumin Group. To quote the ancient Chinese poet Su Dongpo, "Listen not to the rain beating against the trees. Why don’t you slowly walk and chant at ease?"


In the New Year, may you soar like dragons and bound like tigers, reaching for grand aspirations!