Sep 27.2023

Tiger Lin ,Chairman of Unilumin Group: LED Technology Becomes the Mainstream


Tiger Lin ,Chairman of Unilumin Group: LED Technology Becomes the Mainstream

On September 7, 2023, at the 2023 World Conference on Display Industry held in Chengdu, Tiger Lin, Chairman of Unilumin Group, delivered a speech " Digitalized Metasight lights up hundreds of countries and thousands of cities."

The following is the full text of his speech:

Good afternoon, leaders, guests from all over the world, friends from the display industry and the media.

I am very glad to participate in such an international display conference, and the title of my speech today is  "Digitalized Metasight lights up hundreds of countries and thousands of cities ".


My speech is divided into three parts.

First, the concept of metasight:

Second, the application of metasight: Micro LED creating the future

Third, metasight integration


First of all, I would like to introduce the concept of metasight, and what stages of development our technology has gone through from projection to metasight.

What is a metasight? This word is created by we Unilumin, whichi means the combination and integration of lighting and display.

As we all know, objects can be seen by our eyes because of light, which is "Sight by light".

The history of human civilization is a history of light utilization. At first, people could only rely on natural light, which is from the sun and the moon. Later, people invented drilling wood to make fire, and from then on human beings mastered the method of creating and using light for the first time, thus opened up the widespread use of light!

Later, people created all kinds of light sources. With the change of light source technology, various methods and products for lighting and display have also been created. As shown in the figure, we can see that the light source is constantly changing: from candles, to incandescent lamps, to fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, and lasers, and now LED displays.



The application of light is also from the earliest projection -_reflected light, to the self-lighting and direct display of LED today, which is the evolution of projection to metasight.


From projection to metasight, light can be more active, more anti-interference, more energy-efficient, and present a better visual effect.


We found that today's mainstream lighting and display technology is based on LED. Therefore, we boldly put forward the concepts of metasight homology and metasight integration.


We explain from the homology of technology: "Light and Display" is actually the same technology, which is light emitting diode technology. In the future, the single LED display and LED lighting will definitely move towards to the metasight integration. Humans can control and use light more freely.


The second part of my speech is about the application of metasight: the most popular technology at present is Micro LED, but how can it create the future?

The metasight application scenarios of Mini LED/Micro LED now range from lighting, landscape, digital tube, backlight, indicator light and car lights to wearable devices, transparent display and car display, which is a real panorama coverage with unlimited market potential.

The mainstream packaging method of Mini LED includes COB and MIP, while that of Micro LED includes COG and MIP. MIP technology is upgraded from traditional SMD technology. From formal chip to flip chip, MIP technology is gradually maturing, which promotes the upgrade of display application.

In the LED industry, as the chips get smaller and the packaging methods also upgraded, traditional LED will inevitably be replaced or upgraded by MicroLED technology in the future. We will enter an era of MicroLED then.


As a leading enterprise in the LED industry, Unilumin also leads the trend by launching COB products and MIP products. We not only launch P0.9 and P0.7 products, but also realize the mass production of UMicro 0.4 spacing, ranking first in the industry.


MicroLED technology is also the integration and upgrade of LCD and OLED technology.

It has the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, high color restoration, cold screen, low power consumption and long life, which are the characteristics of LED technology.

Eventually, as the Micro LED technology learns from and integrates with LCD and OLED, it will finally enter the consumption field in the future, which will bring a huge market space with less investment and higher output, with an estimated market value of hundreds of billions(RMB).


From 2B to 2C, Micro LED technology is a key point which promotes the further popularization and application of metasight integration.

The third and most important part is about the metasight integration. I will share the application scenarios and social values produced after it.

Let's try to make a definition first: What is metasight ecology?

Metasight means the integration of lighting and display, which is based on LED semiconductor, integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI, naked-eye 3D, Internet of Things, cluster control, 5G, 4K/8K and others. It carries art and design, meets the spatial visual experience needs of new commerce, sports, cultural tourism, entertainment and other industries.

Virtual production is the hottest topic at present, and has great market potential. Compared with green screen and real shooting, LED + VP/XR virtual shooting has all-round advantages:

  1. Doubled efficiency: 80% of the live shooting is close to the finished film, and what you see is what you get;
  2. Lower cost: the scene can be switched at any time, which saves the cost of location shooting;
  3. More realistic performance: the actor can get a more immersive feel, which can avoid the embarrassment that the actor performs without physical objects.

At present, there are about 140 virtual studios in the world, and 110 of which are built by ROE, a subsidiary of Unilumin Group, which is far ahead in the world.

At present, Unilumin can provide overall solutions about digital virtual human with knowledge Q&A function in various fields.

The virtual world becomes more and more important in our life, and digital virtual human also becomes an important part in the future. Let's take a look at the recent popular virtual human concert.


ABBA recently held a hot virtual concert. The ABBA band, with an average age of 75, didn’t perform on stage any longer in person. Instead, they were replaced by four virtual figures synthesized by technology. These four virtual ones simulated the body shape and appearance of the four ABBA members exactly when they were young, even with their expressions and movements.

The British version of Rolling Stone said about the performance, "we must see with one's own eyes to believe it"!

With LED screen as the display terminal, plus artificial intelligence technology, the solutions obtained can be used in many business fields such as film, radio, television, advertising, sports, education, etc. It is a huge ecological platform.

At present, the projection systems in cinemas all adopt foreign ones. In the future, LED screen may replace projection and become the hot technology in cinema. In this field, Unilumin also took the lead. In May 2021, Unilumin became the "first enterprise in the industry" whose domestic film screen passed the international DCI certification.


At present, Unilumin is the only enterprise with four DCI movie screen certifications.

With regard to the application of metasight integration, I would like to introduce you a Saudi Carnival program, which has a 35-meter-diameter LED spherical screen built by Unilumin for an amusement park in Saudi capital, breaking the Guinness World Record in 2022.

This LED spherical screen can display various digital contents, while inside the ball is an entertaining cinema. It can be said that this is a small Scenario of metasight with both functional and ornamental values.

Riyadh Season 2021-2022 in Saudi Arabia was a project attracting visitors all over the world. Unilumin group provided large LED screen, digital content, software control and integrated solutions, while the area of all the displays totals nearly 20,000 square meters, The Carnival project attracted 30 million tourists from all over the world and created 335,000 employment opportunities.

In the desert of Saudi Arabia, a "city of metasight" built with LED stands out of thin air! This is a big event.
As we just mentioned, the software control system is essential to the metasight solution.

Unilumin took the lead in proposing "software-defined big screen" in the industry, and now it has released version 2.0. The metasight platform based on the IoT platform can realize IoT perception and digital twinning, and build digital scenes of metasight, so that customers can control and apply various metasight scenes more efficiently.

The metasight platform is an open platform, which is connected with various standard sensors, supports standard IoT protocols, and develops and docks various platforms. It can also integrate professional equipment in various scenes, so as to realize users' state perception, intelligent operation and maintenance, and efficient use of metasight scenes, making it easier to build and use metasight in both small and large scenes.

We are also good at providing metasight solution in the transportation field, ranging from smart street lamps to 180-degree airport dispatching platform.

Regarding metasight applied in sports, in 2023 FIBA Men's Basketball World Cup, Unilumin provided the LED fence screen and the integrated solution of sound, light and electricity. 

In addition, in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Qatar World Cup and previous Olympic Games, Unilumin also provided LED display, lighting products and integrated solutions.

As a global enterprise, Unilumin will continue to push forward the digitalization of metasight, and bring better immersive experiences to customers all over the world with better products, solutions and services.

At last, We wish the digitalized metasight solution will light up hundreds of countries and thousands of cities.