Aug 23.2016

Unilumin’s Intelligent Upanel S - It’s all in the cabinet

Hello there? How you’ve been? Want to know some more about Unilumin’s Upanel S? Like I had to ask.

Previously we told you about the intelligent front access and the intelligent system of Upanel S.

This week we are here to talk about its cabinet design. Yes, it is the same die-casting aluminum slim light weight cabinet but that’s not all of it.

This unique state-of-the-art cabinet is designed and developed by Unilumin’s R&D team.

Most of the manufacturers look at a cabinet as only an LED holder focusing on the aesthetical part. Unilumin’s focus is not only on the material, shape and style of a cabinet but also on its functionality.

The cabinet and module of Upanel S are designed separately to ensure that problem with one doesn’t affect the other. In other words, if the cabinet malfunctions, the module is still functional.

While Upanel S, the cabinet is first mounted straightly on the wall as it does not require any back support structure and then the module are installed in the cabinet.

Both cabinets and modules are made of die-casting aluminum with CNC process with tolerance of less than 0.1mm ensuring a true bezel-free seamless display. We guarantee you cannot see any seams or gaps between cabinets or modules.

Even though Upanel S is an indoor LED display, it has high IP rating of 50.

Now that we have taken care of perfect installment system, the main worry of every LED display user is maintenance and the wear and tear that happens during the process.

While your current manufacturer or supplier might claim that their LED display is easy to maintain with easy to remove or replace modules, the reality is the LEDs in the NPP modules usually get destroyed while manually removing them from the cabinet.

Unilumin has solved that problem as well. Upanel S is non-touching display as any LED screen should be.

The modules are removed with the assistance of a smart watch which when brought closer to the module, pops right out ensuring zero-LED-damage.

Now you can actually handle your LED displays with care without having to sweat all over while doing it.

Upanel S is the true easy to handle and maintain narrow-pixel-pitch Ultra-high-definition LED display.

Of course Upanel S has the standard features of fan-less design and is an energy efficient product but it also comes with extra protection for modules. The power supply unit is in the cabinet and not modules which extends their life.

There are no cables on the back side as Upanel S is designed for fully front access and no wires or cables in between the cabinets. The signal and power connection is embedded in the cabinet so when two cabinets are aligned together, the supply chain sets in motion automatically.

How much easier can it get!

So far UpanelS has covered all the aspects of a dream LED cabinet. For instance, its fully front access, the non-touching system for removing and replacing the modules, the intelligent monitoring and controlling system. It has also got rid of the mess of wires and the unnecessary cost of the structure.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well that’s what happens when a leading LED manufacturer sets its wheels in motion. Unilumin’s Upanel S is a patent design available in 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9mm.

We will be coming back with the last but not the least feature about Upanel S shortly. Meanwhile if you need a demo for Upanel S, you can contact Unilumin’s sales engineering team at +86-(0)755-29918999 or write them at