Nov 16.2012

Unilumin LED Display: the witness of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Beijing time ,03:30 on 15th, (Sweden local time 20:30,14th), an International Friendlies against
Sweden was exploded in national stadium. The Swedish national soccer team players, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
scored four goals and after the blockbuster by the 33 meters’ broken goal of Zlatan, the Swedish
national soccer team won by 4 : 2 to England.All the fans on the scene was boiling. Last night was
a sleepless night,no matter for the fans or the CEO of Unilumin Group,Lin Mingfeng.He was invited
to to attend the opening ceremony ofthe competition and witnessed the wonderful moment together with
800 sqm LED display of Unilumin.

It was reported that, more than 800 sqm LED display offered by Unilumin spread over the Swedish
National Stadium.It broadcasted the video,animation and the score timely and roundly so that it
was not only the feast of eyes for the fans , also made the benefit of sponsors maximize .One net
friend said in the microblog that:Red hare in the stud, Ibrahimovic among people.It was just like
the Unilumin’s LED display,like the braveprince, triumph was always belongs to him in the expedition.