Sep 25.2015

Unilumin Chinese Style Shine at LED CHINA 2015

LED CHINA 2015 is being held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (from September 16 to 19). It’s the world’s largest LED display and lighting exhibition, from 2015 onward, LED CHINA will no longer be held in Guangzhou, but more to Shanghai. In this exhibition, Unilumin’s unique style of Chinese garden design catch customers’ eyes, showing a perfect blend of natural and technology at E1 pavilion C01.Unilumin keeps the “green” concept design, showing its state of the art fixed installation LED display, the creative spherical display, and the small pixel pitch LED display.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display for Standard Resolution Upanel P0.9

(the smallest pixel pitch LED display)

Regarding Unilumin’s unique Chinese garden design, the key screen is assembled by small pixel pitch LED display-Upanel 1.5 with its 6K(5760×3240) high resolution and Unilumin’s integrate control system, creating a comfortable user environment and a perfect application for video conference.

Unilumin Upanel P0.9

Upanel series are called “star products”, it is the first LED product with 16:9 aspect ratio in the industry. These series can be easily assembled into 2K(1920×1080), 4K(3840×2160), 8K(7680×4320) resolution display, make a real dot by dot display, so they can be well applied in control room, meeting room, broadcast room, commercial TV and other market segments.

110〞(P1.2)UTV Smart LED TV

In addition to, Unilumin is also showcasing UTV Smart LED TV (2k standard resolution, Upanel 1.2) and the smallest pixel pitch LED display Upanel 0.9.

Green Design Innovation Products for Indoor and Outdoor

Unilumin is also showcasing outdoor fixed LED display Usurface 8, which is used in media area. Usurface features 140/120°(H/V) wide viewing angle, high grey scale to show soft color effect, bright and clear pictures with high contrast ratio of 6000:1, better color uniformity and color mixing effect owing to SMD LED with low luminous spot center distance deviation. Usurface is also applicable to Unilumin Storm Test, with Cabinet IP65, module IP68, it can easily adopt to all-weather. Usurface is user-friendly thanks to cabinet front and rear service available; quick installation and dismounting with few simple tools. Its Fan-less design creates quiet working condition, slim profile and light weight make it compatible with static billboard.

Front service fixed LED display indoors

Indoor fixed LED display Uslim 3 is being showcased, which is slim and light profile, fully supports front and rear service. The best advantage of Uslim is easy replacement. Magnetic design with special spring which allows a push and pull to dismantle and assemble, and only takes 10 seconds to replace a module. Uslim can be well applied in retail store, supermarkets, hotels, banks, theaters and other areas.

Great Surprise for You

On the morning of 17th, Unilumin prepared a lucky raffle draw for audiences on the scene. Just turn on your wechat and shake your cell phone, you have the chance to get a big prize, and your wechat avatar will also be shown on 6K(5760×3240)HD LED display. This activity attracts lots of people to join in and enlivens the atmosphere.

Unilumin(Stock Code:300232) is looking forward to meeting you at El pavilion C01.