Aug 09.2010

Unilumin become “500 Guangdong Modern Industry” company

At the beginning of 2010, the Guangdong government planned to speed up the development of the 500 projects of Modern industries, the industry structure adjustment, build modern industry system, lead the development of modern industry, and promote upgrading of the industrial structure. As the number one project, the so-called “500 modern projects” include developing 100 strategic projects of new industry, 100 projects of advanced manufacturing industry, 100 projects of modern service business, 100 projects of advanced traditional industry, 100 projects of modern agriculture.

After strict recommendation, investigation, and screening, Guangdong Development and Reform Commission announced the 500 projects of modern industry with estimated investment over 1 trillion RMB. As we know, Guangdong province had already decided to develop electronic information , LED, and electric automobile industries firstly, and planned to invest 10 billion to support the development of the these new strategic industries, with an aim to develop into 1 trillion industry scale in 2012.

Among the Guangdong 500 modern industries, the LED display and lighting projects are included on the list. Representative of Guangdong development and reform commission said the companies on the list are all the leading company of the industry. The invested projects will motivate the development of the industries and contribute much to the tax revenue.

Wining the project from 1626 applications showed the influence of Unilumin in the LED industry and Guangdong province and the recognition of the government and related departments.

Unilumin is one of the leading LED products and project provider in China, founded on October 26, 2004, with 57,720,000 registered capital.

With a complete system of R&D department, production department, sales department and service department, Unilumin focuses on supplying high quality and good function LED products and projects to both domestic and foreign channel customers. Now Unilumin mainly produces two kinds of LED products: LED Display and LED lighting products.

In the future, Unilumin will aim at leading the development of the high-level LED application industry, improving investment of R&D, strengthening the management, increasing the production capacity, and contributing to develop an energy-saving and low carbon society.