Jul 01.2021

The World’s Largest 4K LED Cinema Display Put into Use in China

China's first domestically-made LED cinema projection system—UC-A41 LED cinema projection system will be officially put into use in China Film Cinema Bei'ao, Beijing on July 1. Jointly developed by China Research Institute of Film Science and Technology, China Film Co., Ltd. and Unilumin Group Co., Ltd, it's currently the world's largest DCI-certified 4K LED cinema display.


The cinema is built with 21 halls, including CINITY Giant Screen Hall, 4D Hall, Standard Laser Hall and Multifunctional Hall. It's a reflection of the current development level of the world's cinema technology. Hall 4 is newly installed with the UC-A41 LED cinema projection system.


The installation of UC-A41 LED cinema projection system in China Film Cinema marks the official use of domestically-made LED cinema projection systems in China's cinemas, and symbolizes such a system breaking through the traditional projection and display mode and leading cinemas into an era of higher technological specifications.


The cinema market has always been a market with high barriers to entry but a huge of room for growth. Only digital film systems or products certified by the rigorous DCI standard can be promoted and applied in the cinema market. Certified by DCI on May 15, 2021, the UC-A41 LED cinema projection system is China's first domestically-made LED cinema projection system and the fourth DCI-certified LED cinema projection system after Samsung, Sony and LG. Unilumin has thus become China's first LED display manufacturer with such certification.



The technological innovation and breakthrough as well as cost reduction of the UC-A41 LED cinema projection system products have laid a solid foundation for the popularization and application of LED cinema displays. Representative of China’s highest level in LED cinema display technology and internationally leading in certain technical fields, these products will accelerate the entry into an era of greater impact, higher picture quality, higher and newer technological specifications.


To be specific, UC-A41 products have outstanding performance in key indicators such as resolution, viewing experience, color, contrast and economical efficiency, and offer the following technical advantages.




Higher Clarity of Viewing



The world’s largest DCI-certified 4K LED cinema display

Color Gamut

DCI-P3 Class; 40000:1

An ultra-high contrast ratio and color gamut, more perfect presentation of film quality

Software and Hardware Systems

Integrated screen and playback server.

domestically-made core software and hardware systems.

Flexible layout, increased viewing space and improved experience.

Independent intellectual property rights, controllable industrial chain, greatly reduced cost.


Generally speaking, the formal application of UC-A41 LED cinema projection system in the industry has an important boost to LED display’s entry into the cinema display market. It is believed that increasingly more LED cinema displays will be launched shortly to this $15 billion LED cinema display market.


Meanwhile, the UC-A41 LED cinema projection system will facilitate the formulation of the new Chinese cinema service standards, set up the benchmark of high-tech cinemas, and strive to achieve social and economic benefits.



In the future, Unilumin will continue to work with such partners as China Research Institute of Film Science and Technology and China Film Co., Ltd., forge ahead in the LED cinema display segment, launch more quality products, and make unremitting efforts for a better audio-visual life of people.