Jan 01.2015

Thanks for what we got over the past 10 years,Start a new dream from now on

At the beginning of the new year, it is really a great honor for me to express appreciation to every staff working in Unilumin and every partner cooperating with unilumin on behalf of Unilumin Group LTD. May health, happiness and fortune be with you always.

Unilumin is 10 years old in the year of 2014. Reviewing the past ten years, Unilumin experienced difficulties, but the most important, Unilumin gained a satisfying development. As a leader of Unilumin, I witnessed every staff’s contribution to this satisfying result. Thanks to you, Unilumin get a fast development.

2014, in this golden year, with the efforts of every staff, we got many achievement. In the overseas market, Unilumin remains as a leading supplier of led displays. Unilumin , working together with ROE, supplied cylindrical LED displays to Sochi winter Olympics. In the domestic market, Unilumin set up many successful projects. Another good new is that LAMP Technology joined Unilumin this year, which is help us to build a world-famous brand as a excellent Chinese LED displays supplier.

For led lighting, from outdoor lighting to household lighting, we set up a good strategy in 2014 and get a lot achievement. For outdoor lighting, we won many bids to remould existing street lighting system.We also got lots of achievement in household lighting. We have shared a good market and fame in led lighting.

Under the background of internet and O2O, 2015 is full of chanllenge and chance for Unilumin. For LED displays field, Unilumin will develop many new product and offer better service, making a good contribution to the world.For LED lighting, Unilumin will take good advantage of internet to help people to know more about LED lights, offer a easy way to buy LED lights. We will always make a contribution to the eco system.

Hereby I would like to give my appreciation again. Thanks to LED Industry Association for the support, thanks to government for the aid, thanks to every partner and every staff from unilumin. Thank you all for your contribution to unilumin’s development.

Every rain drops make the river. To realize the Unilumin dream, every staff from unilumin should be more concentrated and devoted. I will work together with you, making every little efforts to strengthen Unilumin to realize the dream of making a better contribution to the world.

The new year is around the corner, we will keep fighting to realize everyone’s expect on unilumin. At last, wish you all happy new year, good luck and happiness all the year around.