Jun 16.2018

Say Goodbye to Football Widow and Begins your Vote


The quadrennial football World Cup comes again! In this month, people will be automatically divided into two main groups regardless of race, gender, age and nationality. They can be called as football fans and football widows after a fashion.

Football fans will be intoxicated with the spirit of the World Cup festival days and nights. What they are talking about is all about football, like football goals, football players, football stadiums and football teams. 

Football widows refer to those who have a relationship with a sports fan (often a follower of football) who pays more attention to the game than to their partner during the sport's season of play. They are usually, but not always, women who are not interested in World Cup but even turn their noses up to every news involved.

The attention gap may be especially distinct in China, in that football is not that popular and advantageous though it catches more eyes and moneys these years. However, observation of friends indicates that more people feel out of date if they are not involved in the international celebration of World Cup even for one day, let alone one month. 

Good news is that it’s the best of times of information society. Unilumin sports helps to clarify the relationship of 32 teams in a way every football widow understands. Will you feel enlightened if football teams compared to your familiar chopsticks? See follows: 

Class one: 

Christian Louboutin VS Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, Argentina

Class two: 

Tom Ford, Givenchy, Dior, Chanel, Lancom VS Portugual, England, Belgium, Columbia, Uruguay

Class three: 

M.A.C, YSL, Bobbi brown VS Croatia, Nigeria, Swiss, Mexico, Poland, Senegal

Class four: 

Loreal, KATE, Anna Sui VS Egypt, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Serbia, Costa Rica, Russia, Australia

Class five: 

CANMAKE, Mariedalgar, Flamingo VS Peru, Korea, Japan, Iran, Panama, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia

Any football green hand will never feel embarrassed about football topics. With this little tip, you can say goodbye to the identity of football widow and may be itching to try to join the prediction team. Up to now, research teams like Goldman Sachs and Austrian mathematicians have predicted that Brazil or Germany will be the champion in the 2018 World Cup based on AI tech or big data analysis.

Now chances are in your hands. Come to join Unilumin Sports’ vote campaign to see which team will get the final FIFA World Cup Trophy.


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Evelyn Chen 

Marketing manager of Unilumin Sports