Feb 06.2020

RMB 5 Million Donation | Unilumin Stands with All to Fight against Novel Coronavirus!

At present, as the situation of epidemic prevention and control on novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is severe, Unilumin Group Co., Ltd., while doing a good job in its own prevention and control work, is actively fulfilling its social responsibility and planning to donate RMB 5 million (RMB 3 million in cash and RMB 2 million of globally purchased materials) to relevant organizations such as the Disease Control, medical institutions and the Red Cross Society at the epidemic front line. What’s more, Unilumin will make more donations at different periods and in batches based on the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the actual material needs in affected areas.

The donated emergency supplies worthy of RMB 2 million mainly include (face) masks, protective suits, goggles, electronic stethoscopes and disinfectants. Hopefully, these materials will serve as a practical help for the epidemic prevention and control at the grass-roots level and better safeguard the medical personnel and the public in the affected areas.

In addition to the cash and material donations, Unilumin will offer UTVIII Smart LED TVs and visual emergency rescue software systems to hospitals and epidemic prevention units in need during the epidemic prevention and control period. Combined with video conferencing system, UTVIII Smart LED TVs help reduce the on-site meetings and improve the remote working efficiency; visual emergency rescue software systems can visually display the actual situation of the epidemic situation in the affected areas and realize 24/7 real-time dynamic monitoring and data update, so as to improve the efficiency of epidemic emergency prevention and control.

To contribute to the fight against the Novel Coronavirus, Unilumin will continue to pay attention to the progress of the epidemic control, and timely grasp the needs of the Disease Control, medical institutions, the Red Cross and other relevant groups in the affected areas while doing well in its own prevention and control work.

On this occasion of a new Spring, Unilumin believes that, under the strong leadership of the country and as long as we unite as one, we will be able to win the battle against the epidemic and make Spring bloom all over China. Let’s stand together and fight to regain the  peaceful and beautiful life!