Oct 13.2016

Unilumin’s Upanel S is Not Only Smart, It’s Intelligent

Hello everybody, we are back! And so is Upanel S. Last week, after Upanel S defined what a true front access cabinet is, showing its slim, sleek, smart and sophisticated design, this week Upanel S is here to tell you what a true automated cabinet is, proving its ingenious and intelligence.


The word “automated” is thrown around so loosely in the world of LED displays that clients don’t even bother to think twice about it but as we have proven in the past, Unilumin’s products are not like the rest of the products. So here is how Unilumin’s Upanel S is automated.




Upanel S does not need power or signal cables between cabinets. Yes, it is wireless that way.


The power and data signal transmitting through the sockets in the cabinets are automatically connected once the cabinets are connected to one another.




Once we have taken care of the mess of cables, it’s time to make sure that the show must always go on. Upanel S has a fail-safe device. It has double power and signal supply so if one malfunctioned, there is always the other to rely on.