Dec 22.2020

Unilumin’s NPP screen contributes to start the 3.0 era of Smart City “Unified Management in One Network” of Shanghai!

Recently, the Xuhui District Urban Operation and Management Center in Shanghai was officially opened, and more than 100 square meters of NPP LED screen which created by Unilumin for the center was also unveiled.



In daily work , as the core terminal for display of various business information such as urban economy, cultural activities, public resources, management services, citizen life, ecological environment, etc. in Xuhui District, Unilumin’s screen is centered on the “efficient handling of each issue” to help establish the city governance system of “viewing the world from one screen, managing the city through one network, one cloud gathering all data, and one employee handling all affairs” to realize the iterative upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 of the Smart City “Unified Management in One Network” in Xuhui District.


Unified Management in One Network

The implementation of Smart City “Unified Management in One Network” 3.0 in Xuhui District is an inevitable choice for improving the refined management and municipal service capabilities of the city. In October 2020, Li Qiang, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary, pointed out that Shanghai will fully promote the digital transformation, vigorously develop the new online economy, comprehensively build a digital life, accelerate the construction of a smart city, and establish new strategic advantages for the city’s future development. The construction of Smart City “Unified Management in One Network” is imperative as the foundation of digital transformation of the city.



With the technical advantages and rich experience accumulated in the field of smart city, Unilumin has undertaken the important task of establishing the LED display and control system for the Xuhui District Urban Operation and Management Center.


Viewing the world from one screen, managing the city through one network

The Xuhui District Urban Operation and Management Center adopts the industry-leading Unilumin’s 1.1 Series NPP LED screens. With advanced visualization solutions and interconnected network of big data, “one beam and four pillars” urban transport platform with four major unban features of “great safety, great construction and management, great market, great people’s livelihood” and three major urban transport platforms with strong capabilities in data, algorithms and business has been built. Meanwhile, the practical bases for two “7×24 hours” integrated command systems and the mobile terminal of “Unified Management” were developed.



In addition to realizing the visual presentation and information sharing of basic urban management information such as transportation, security, and municipal administration, combined with the numerous historical buildings in Xuhui District and the high demand for long-term care insurance for the elderly, Xuhui District has carried out an innovative upgrade to the "one network unified management".



With Unilumin’s NPP screens, the management center can realize the centralized display, analysis and processing of key data such as construction age, structural form, repair records, new illegal constructions, property repairs, etc. in the “artificial + intelligent” mode and build a "one building, one book" management and comprehensive research and judgment system for historical buildings to effectively enhance the protection capacity of Xuhui's historical landscape area.


Focusing on the module of elderly care, the management center achieves the mutual sharing and connection of the related data of the public security, civil affairs, medical insurance, and health departments via the urban transport center. The visual presentation of basic information of elderly care services, real-time smart supervision and intelligent statistical analysis of data making the supervision on elderly care services more refined, smarter and more efficient, and striving to create a new model of: happy elderly care.




In addition, in response to issues such as road damage, random parking of non-motor vehicles, and exposed garbage reported by citizens through the applet of “Unified Management”, the management center can immediately complete the collection and analysis of “reported” information on the LED screen, and visually track the processing progress to continuously improve the efficiency of urban governance, and enhance citizen satisfaction and happiness.


The LED screen created by Unilumin for the Xuhui District Urban Operation and Management Center this time is another successful achievement of Unilumin for the construction of smart city in China. In the tide of the construction of smart city brought about by new infrastructure, Unilumin will continue to endeavor to achieve technological breakthroughs and empower the construction of smart city in China as always and contribute to a better life for people with Unilumin’s power.