Jul 24.2012

Unilumin's largest indoor LED displays in the world enter the New Century Ocean Park

With the significant LED display project being done in the New International Exhibition Center of Century City, Chengdu, Unilumin Tech has shocked the whole industry. This project includes three parts, one of which (named “Top Project”) will be the largest indoor LED displays around the world. It is said that this screen will be located in The Ocean Park of New Century City. With 136 meters’ width and 30 meters’ height, it really matches the name “Largest”.

According to the actual environment and specific requirements, engineers in Unilumin have made the best proposal for this project, that is, to adopt high-end indoor P25 LED displays, which have big pixels, high refresh rate and high grey level. Fluent images and good visual effect will make tourists immersive in the scene and feel as if they were there. In the meantime, it is designed without fan, thus ensuring tourists a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Regarding the structures, framework applied in outdoor LED displays will be used to guarantee safety. Considering that humidity level close to the water is high, aluminum cabinets which are antiseptic would surely be taken advantage of, therefore, it is difficult to get rusty.

The average power consumption of traditional
LED displays is less than or equal to 640w/h, while that of P25 can be 350W/h and even lower, saving a lot cost for the Ocean Park. Although having low energy consumption, Its luminance can still be as high as 6000cd/㎡, which can be regarded as the champion in energy-saving.

As a new milestone in the progress of Unilumin Tech, it proves that Unilumin has been striving for the leading enterprise in LED industry.