Jan 18.2014

Unilumin signed a 80 million contract with Guangqi Honda Automobile Co Ltd

Unilumin signed a RMB80 million (USD13 million) LED screen contract with Guangqi Honda Automobile Co Ltd which is Co-owned by Honda Motor and GAC Group.

"We plan to rebrand our 480 4s inns in China within two years leveraging Unilumin’s high quality 10mm LED screen", According to Mr. Xianqing Xia, vice president of Guangqi Honda,"we finally choose Unilumin to be our partner to rebrand our stores is because its good reputation in both product quality and state-of-the-art service".

The rebranding plan has been started since September, 2013.23 stores have been done since the contract signed.

Unilumin is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with subsidiary in USA, office in Holland, Hong Kong.