Jun 19.2008

Participating Las Vegas International Lighting Exhibition,Opening American Marke

Annual global lighting exhibition--Las Vegas International Lighting Exhibition was held on May 28th this year in Las Vegas, America. Our company and other demestic excellent lighting enterprises together participated the exhibition.
    The exhibition attracted hundreds of overseas exhibitors from many countries, which were far more than any time before, including some leading corporatings in this field in the world, such as GE, PHILIS, SYLVANIA, etc..
     At the exhibition, our products on display were LED street light, LED wallwasher light, LED project light, LED spot light, LED bulb, LED channel light, LED fence light, LED lawn light etc., more than twenty kinds in total.
     In view of good quality and innovation technology, many distributor companies from America are about to cooperate with us.
    The exhibition will largely promote our lighting production and enlarge its influence in America, which will give an impulse to the continual development of lighting.

    Annual America International Lighting Exhibition is the largest lighting exhibition in international construction and business field. It is hosted in New York and Las Vegas alternatively by IESNA and IALD. It is considered as the most important lighting exhibition in North America.