Feb 17.2011

News of success, Unilumin Lighting product win the bidding of Shenzhen MTR 3rd line

      With the preferable invest policy of domestic and foreign capitals, LED industry has a very good developing trends. In the recent years, the leading domestic LED company-Unilumin Group CO., Ltd has already won the Tian Men square project, Turkmenistan Anniversary project, Shanghai World Expo project, Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition hall project, Asian Games project, etc.  

After those success projects, Unilumin won the bidding of an important project again-lighting project of Shenzhen MTR 3rd line, which shows the on-going innovation and fast development energy of Unilumin.

The Shenzhen MTR 3rd line go through a wide area, passing Futian, Luohu, and Longgang district, with a full length of 41 kilometers and 30 stations, is composed of underground, aground, and bridge line. The power consumption of the metro mainly lies in three parts: Train pulling, internal lighting, Air-condition system. Now the train pulling and air condition system have very mature technology, the latest technology can’t be applied in the finished metro projects, and their contribution to energy-saving is very limited. Now the lighting is the only part which has great potential to saving energy. In the underground environment, without natural light, the lighting for carriage, platform, and channels all relies on artificial light source. With 24 hours lighting, the power consumption is even larger than the air conditioning system. The success biding of Unilumin for this project not only fulfill the energy-saving and environment protection requirements, but also present the strong R&D ability and the success of the strict production and management procedure of Unilumin.  

In the future, Unilumin technology will aim at leading the development of high-level LED application. By increasing the investment for research and design, strengthening the management, improving the production ability, implementing the industry adjustment, upgrade, improvement according to the policy of governments of all levels, Unilumin will do our best to contribute to developing an energy-saving and environment-friendly and green low carbon society.