Jun 21.2024

Unilumin Opens New Showroom in Mexico City

On June 6, Unilumin Group, The LED Application Pioneer, held a grand opening ceremony for its new showroom in Mexico City. This strategic initiative aims to better serve local customers by providing localized, one-stop pre-sales and after-sales LED application solutions. 

Grand Opening for Enhanced Local Services
The showroom features a variety of Unilumin's popular LED products and created a strong bonding moment, allowing local clients to experience the friendly appeal of the Unilumin brand. The event received widespread praise from attendees. Mexico has always been a critical part of Unilumin's strategic market layout. To better serve local users and empower its subsidiaries, Unilumin embarked on this grand opening ceremony.


Welcome Ceremony and Showroom Introduction
The opening ceremony began with invited customers signing in and taking photos at the signature wall. The host then took the stage to welcome the guests and provided a detailed introduction to the structure and products of the Mexico showroom, giving attendees a comprehensive understanding of this new facility.

Unilumin's GM of International Sale & Service Center, Breeze Ho, was present to personally thank the customers for their attendance and to share Unilumin's company strategy and future development vision, showcasing the brand's cultural charm to the attendance and making them to feel an overwhelming respect for their presence.


Unilumin South American Division Introduction
Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, leaders from Unilumin's South American division delivered speeches. Teresa Chen, General Manager of the South America region, provided an in-depth overview of the entire South American market and the team. In South American Unilumin team, there are several technical engineers in local, providing professional and quick-responding services near the customers in South American. Also, there are 6 sales representatives totally in local for collecting and customizing the construction need of the clientele who needs professional LED applications.

Subsequent presentations by various regional managers and product managers highlighted Unilumin's local market strategies, future plans, and the features of its popular COB products.
The session concluded with group photos of all the leaders and customers, providing a comprehensive understanding of Unilumin's South American subsidiary structure and market plans, as well as the unique selling points and value of its popular products.   

The event also featured an exciting raffle, adding to the lively atmosphere and marking the perfect conclusion to the South American segment of the event.


Vibrant Performances for Greater Enjoyment
The final part of the event was a vibrant dinner party, complete with performances by a local band. Unilumin employees showcased their talents, and the infectious atmosphere encouraged customers to join in with their own performances, bringing the evening to a peak of enjoyment. 

Unilumin, as The LED Application Pioneer, will continue to provide faster, localized one-stop LED application services. Looking ahead, Unilumin is set to open new showrooms in India and Saudi Arabia, promising more exciting developments to the customer in the nearly close future.