Jul 08.2013

KAZAN Universiade 2013 LED Display

The 27th Universiade starts on July 5th in Kazan, Russia. Unilumin prides itself to provide the 3650 sq.m LED mesh displays for the Kazan arena.

Unilumin adopted Umesh P25 with Nichia chips for this arena. The whole screen features with mesh style design, light weight and fast assembly. Its high brightness and high grey scale as well as high refresh rate make the image quality crystal clear. IP65 rating ensures it all-weather defense.

KAZAN Universiade2013 is a good chance for Russia to prove its capability on holding large sale sports events. In order to gain valuable experiences for Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014 and World Cup 2018, it has been paid much attention by the central government of Russia, thus very high quality standards on suppliers are set by the committee for this event. Unilumin has been proven to a reliable supplier at last!

Taking the philosophy of earnest, strictness, initiative and effectiveness, Unilumin devotes itself to providing most professional LED displays solution and service to our customers worldwide. Many of Unilumin projects have gained good reputation, such as several displays at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, rental displays for the special Olympic Games, sports displays in Stockholm Sweden, the display for the 60th national anniversary, etc.