Jul 14.2016

It was All Fun and No Work at Unilumin

We all live a very stressful life. Work pressure, pressure of family, financial stress and even stress of being stressed.

Sooner or later this undue stress starts to show in different aspects of our life. We are always tired and feeling low. We don’t find joy at home and our performance at work keeps suffering.

Unilumin, being one of the largest manufacturer of LED displays and lights in the world understands stress of life and pressure of work.

Unilumin believes in the old saying ‘All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy’. That is why we don’t let our Johnny’s and Janice’s get dull.

We constantly keep organizing sports events, matches, dinners and get-together but this time we wanted to do something more for our dedicated, hardworking team.

With the purpose of fulfilling that motive and some more, on 30th June, Steven, General Manager of Unilumin, together with other over 50 Unilumin employees embarked on a journey to Huangshan in Anhui province of eastern China.

They had one and only mission; to have fun, unwind, relax with the colleagues with whom they spend 50 hours a week without knowing them beyond ‘send me that file’ and ‘client meetings'.

They trekked the slipper slops of Huangshan together.

They learned to make pottery together.

They made tea and tasted their production together.

Braving the mountains in the foggy, misty weather to see the sunrise from the mountain top, visiting the Hong village brought the team closer together. It gave them a chance to know each other and talk about something else other than work. As the travelers were an assortment from different departments, they also got to talk about each other’s roles and responsibilities and appreciate one another’s work.

By the end of their adventure on the 3rd July, one could tell that the people who started as colleagues were more than just that, they were becoming friends.

Unilumin’s effort of helping its valuable employees to refresh themselves, release the pressure and improve team unity and compatibility was bearing fruit.

It was 50 individuals who went to Huangshan, what returned was a team, happy at heart and relaxed in their minds.