Feb 08.2023

Unilumin Group launched brand-new LAMPRO at ISE 2023

On January 31st, at ISE 2023, the world's largest and the most professional audio-visual exhibition, Unilumin, a Chinese famous LED enterprise, displayed the latest products and integrated solutions.



Unilumin Group held the press conference in the exhibition to announce that the brand LAMPRO, a subsidiary of Unilumin Group, was renewed from LAMP. It’s reported that this brand renewal is aimed for better positioning of LAMPRO .


According to the representatives of Unilumin Group, the “PRO” not only refers to “professional”, showing that LAMPRO can offer professional products and solutions, but also stands for “pro for partners ”, which means LAMPRO focuses on serving channel partners to achieve a win-win situation.


In addition, the LAMPRO’s key visual identity changed from blue to green. On one hand, it shows a more partners-oriented, dynamic and fashionable brand image. On the other hand, the green color represents environmental-friendliness, which means LAMPRO provides channel partners with higher-resolution and more energy-saving LED display products.



New Brand Positioning: Professional solution provider for LED display products and applications.


New Brand Vision: Display A Better World.


New Brand Slogan: LAMPRO, Pro for Partners.


Powered by Unilumin Group, LAMPRO will devote itself to offering more professional LED products and integrated solutions for channel partners.


Founded in 2004, Unilumin Group Co., Ltd was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 (XSHE: 300232). It is a globally leading provider of LED display and lighting products and solutions. Globally, it has also ranked first in the industry in terms of sales value and sales volume of LED display products. Unilumin has successfully provided services for Huawei, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Disney and other Fortune 500 enterprises.