Nov 30.2017

UTV-P, For Distributors Only

Dear LED/ LCD display distributors,

This is a letter from Unilumin for you only as we want to work together with you to help you expand your market share and improve your profits.



Now, I would like to introduce a new product with an all-around promotion plan we have prepared for you.  



Low cost LED display solution 

No Project consultant cost 

No Engineering cost 

No Technical train cost 

No Import cost 

No Maintenance cost 

Better Visual effect than LCD signage 

No worry for high brightness surroundings 

Bigger viewing angle

No reflection issue 

16 bits color depth for eye-catch visual effect 

100,000 hours life-span 

All applications and installations 

Retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, cinemas…

Wall mounting, side mounting, ground installation, hanging installation…

Now, let’s see the promotion plan we have prepared for you.

You can find the promotion ads of UTV-P on all main online platforms including



Twitter and Unilumin’s official website.

You can find UTV-P on Amazon as we want to explore more end-users for you.

You can find UTV-P on various exhibitions such as ISE 2018.

You can get the support of Unilumin for live events.

And more……



You are not alone as Unilumin will always stand behind you and give you the most you need for your profits. 

Contact us by the way you like

Calling us at +86-(0)755-29918999

Sending email to

Searching Unilumin on Facebook​ to talk to us