Mar 16.2022

DJ LED Screen - Top Features to Consider Before Choosing One

Why is a DJ LED screen important for the events?

Different types/designs of DJ LED screens

Features to consider when choosing a DJ display screen


DJ LED screens are most commonly seen in nightclubs and bars and are set behind the DJ. Along with the club's dark and smoky ambience, flashing disco lights, and blasted music, these screens increase the hype among the audience by displaying dynamic visual effects. But these screens are not limited to club use only. They are also rented for use in social gatherings such as parties, blowouts, festivals, or other events that might use a little hype.


For that reason, many people are interested in acquiring their own LED screens. But before going straight to the store, there are factors that you must consider to be able to choose the perfect LED screen for you. LED screens cost a little pricey, so you might want to take time to apprise yourself of these factors to make sure that you'll get your money's worth.


Why is a DJ LED screen important for the events?


Don't underestimate the power of a creative backdrop in terms of hyping up an event. The primary objective of a DJ LED screen is to liven up the audience and enthral them through its prismatic visual display and spirited music. Yes, aside from displaying visual effects, DJ LED screens are capable of playing music too. These screens play a major role in enticing the audience to join the stage and engage with others. Since these screens are large in size and produce a lustrous display, it enables every audience, especially those in the back, to be engaged in the party despite their position and be informed of what's happening in the front.


Furthermore, these screens can also be utilized for entertainment and advertisement purposes. During a break, you can display any videos to keep the audience entertained. You can also strut some commercials and promotional advertisements. Not only will these keep your guests engaged with the event, but promotions also allow you to earn an additional income.


Different types/designs of DJ LED screens


One of the factors that you should consider in choosing a DJ LED screen is the type of display it will be used for. DJ LED screens have various sizes, forms, and set-ups, depending on its purpose. To inform you of these designs, below is the list of the different set-ups of DJ LED screens used in various events.


Stage Backdrop LED Screen


In contrast to other DJ LED screens, this one is considerably cheaper. This type of design is commonly used in many events. Due to popular demand, many businesses ventured into LED screen rentals. Therefore, you can cut down on the hefty cost of purchasing your own LED screen by renting from these businesses. These screens are made from light aluminum housing, with cabinets integrated into a gear lock, all of which demands easy installation and, thus, saving on costs. Therefore, this screen is recommended for rentals or staging.


DJ Backdrop LED Screen


One of the most common uses of LED screens is for a DJ's backdrop. This is the bright and kinetic visual effects you see behind the DJ in a nightclub. This type might be a little more costly compared to other types, but it's because this is made with more durable and high-quality materials. The price list of LED screens for nightclubs start at $1,500 and can amount up to $50,000. In contrast to rentals, club owners are required to purchase their own DJ LED screen because these screens are wall-mounted. To make up for its expensive cost, DJ LED screens tend to be more user-friendly. They are easier to navigate compared to other LED screens, which enables DJs to play good music while displaying engaging effects.


Features to consider when choosing a DJ display screen


Size and Location


Choosing the size and location where the LED screen will be installed is considered an essential factor in choosing a LED screen. This will determine your purchase's cost-efficiency. In terms of selecting a LED screen's size, you should consider the event you plan to use it. There are events such as weddings or family gatherings that don't need a large display. Big parties or festivals, on the other hand, will require a bigger display to allow every audience to be engaged. Nonetheless, there are LED screens that can be used in any event. Thus, it's best to opt for those options to maximize your LED screen's efficiency.


Type of media that will be displayed


Determining the type of media that will be displayed on the LED screen will allow you to plan for the pixels, resolution, parameters, and linear dimensions those media will need. Going straight into buying increases the risk of getting the wrong kind that will result in a poor quality display of media.


Most of the LED screen's price goes to its resolution quality. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of media displayed. Therefore, if you plan to display media, such as advertisements, which might require high-quality resolution, you should opt for higher-end LED screens. But take note that higher-end LED screens, given the great quality they produce, come at a higher price.


Color Temperature, Brightness, and Angles


There's a required level of brightness for an LED screen depending on where it will be placed, either indoor or outdoor. For indoor use, the brightness should only range from 1,500-2,000 nits, with 5000K in color temperature. On the other hand, 3,500-5,000 nits are required for outdoor use, with a colour temperature of 6,500K. This all depends on the angle the LED screen is directed at. Determining these factors beforehand will allow you to select the perfect LED screen that best suits your audience's needs.




In conclusion, we hope you gained insight on DJ video walls and LED screens. Throwing a party is easy. However, making sure that your visitors will have an enjoyable experience at your party is not. This is where DJ LED screens come in handy. However, given these screens' high-end prices, it's best to equip yourself with proper knowledge before buying them. This will enable you to get the most of your money's worth while being able to enjoy a bustling party.