Aug 30.2021

Benefits, Costs and Tips About LED Billboard for Outdoor Advertising

Benefits of choosing an LED billboard for advertising

How much does an LED billboard cost?

Tips about how to advertise on an LED billboard

Size of the board

Benefits of choosing an LED billboard for advertising


1.Extra attention


The prime benefit of LED billboards for advertising is the attention-grabbing feature. The LED billboard advertising is suitable for all types of events, like school or college events to big festivals in the city. The bright and dynamic display of the advertisement entices passersby to look at it. The chances of picking out the content on the LED billboards are more when compared to traditional light.


2.Countless content


LED billboard advertising can broadcast plenty number of content at a time. Countless content is displayed a day or 24 hours by LED billboard.


3.Unique way of advertising


A unique way of advertising helps LED billboard advertising popular among the customers. Yes, you have the flexibility of displaying specific content in specific timings you like. Designated hours are used to display particular content to attract the audience. The flexibility, convenience, and convincing advertising features have got a positive impact on the customers.


Displaying an essential advertisement during rush hour is possible through LED advertising. You shall also advertise various contents at regular intervals of time. You shall select unique content to display among unique audiences using the LED system.


4.Extended durability and low maintenance


The LED billboard for advertising has a lengthy durable feature. It can withstand adverse climatic conditions. Hence, the visual LED display board has an extended life span. So, it gives a good return to the investor and business units. The maintenance cost is not too high for LED billboards' content display.


5.Flexibility to operate


You shall operate an LED billboard display from your comfort of staying. Yes, wifi connection helps you to operate the board in a distant mode. You shall control the display even many numbers of display boards at the same time, thanks to the digital technology. You shall achieve the display goals with a single click, and so the flexibility feature is praiseworthy. Display software fulfills your requirement for displaying content wherever you are.


6.Higher quality content


The LED billboard display gives you a quality display that is far most superior to traditional methods. The Higher-resolution feature helps the audience to view the content even in bright sunlight conditions.


7.No need for high-end professionals.


The requirement of design professionals or high-end technicians to display the content is required. Advertiser himself manages the content display with the help of visual-led software. So, the LED advertising saves money for the owner to an extent.


8.Good return rate and less production cost


Digital billboard advertisements incur only a low amount for production. It only requires a computer and uploading then. So, the return rate is admirable when compared to old methods of advertising.


9.Diversified client base with good revenue


LED billboard advertising increases the customer base and also revenue to the owner. You have the flexibility of distributing the same board to many buyers. So, you shall add up the revenue. One static advertisement to a single buyer increases the profit further.


10.Third part advertising


The LED billboard advertising is suitable for third-party advertising, thereby revenue is increased to the businessman.


11.Brand marketing


LED billboard advertising technique is suitable for brand marketing purposes heavily nowadays. Hence, many big corporate companies use the technique for their product and business advertising. So, it fetches a heavy income for you.


How much does an LED billboard cost?


When we speak about LED billboard cost, keep the following features in mind:


  1. * If the resolution is high, the cost of the LED billboard is also high.
  2. * One-sided sign differs from double-sided signboard cost.
  3. * On average, the LED billboard highway boards cost between $50,000 and $250,000.


What about small digital boards?


The digital signboards that are small in size cost less than the bigger ones which you see on main roads or highways. For example, small-sized boards that are present in churches, retail stores, small malls, or schools may cost around $5,000 up to $15,000. This cost is meant for a full-color display feature.


What about Electronic billboards?


As far as price is concerned, Electronic billboard's advertisement cost is higher than standard billboards. The CPM for a digital billboard is around $37.42.


The basic calculation for your understanding


When we calculate the cost of LED billboards, the following features are taken into account further. They are: 


  1. * Display size, For example 2x8',4x8',40x90" and 14x48'
  2. * Pixel size , For example 16mm,10.66mm
  3. *  Price- For example, $4,000 per face, including parts and shipping


A standard cost calculator is available with business professionals. You shall gain some knowledge about the calculator and how it works. The cost estimator requires the following details to deliver the result. They are: 


  1. * Billboard height and width
  2. * Dual or single-sided
  3. * Dot pitch
  4. * UL/ETL Approval
  5. * Distance from the main road, or shipping center
  6. * Installation types, such as existing roadside or new roadside platform,ground-level platform, and side of the building mount
  7. * location type, such as urban, rural or semi-urban
  8. * Connectivity and cost of electricity


The led display screen for advertising outdoor prices differs from one shape to another.


Other features


The above features are taken for calculating the cost of an LED billboard for a customer. A calculation is made by using the cost estimator. The majority of the dealers would calculate the cost based on square meters. As per experienced professionals, the control system also decides the price. If your requirement is high, the cost of the LED billboard goes up. You may have demand in sending card or function card. Also, other requirements such as light sensor and WIFI model are required. So, the cost varies according to the demand and requirement of the customer.


Transportation cost


When you calculate the cost of an LED billboard, never forget to include the transportation costs. Yes, the transportation mode charge is calculated with other costs. You shall have to include all to arrive at the overall cost of LED billboards.


Installation cost


Led billboards require installation by well-versed professionals. The professionals charge you per board for installing. It is not an easy task for you to do it on your own. So, hire some quality people to install. You shall have to include the installation cost in the total expenditure.


Location cost


Location cost varies depending upon the location where the boards are installed. High posh areas require heavy costs from you, and normal areas demand much less. So, include the location cost along with other costs when you calculate.


Maintenance costs


You shall also include maintenance costs in the overall cost of LED billboard advertising.


Tips about how to advertise on an LED billboard


Following tips are essential to advertise on an LED billboard. They are




Creating a quality LED billboard advertisement requires a sense of creativity. Simple and attractive boards that are legible from a distance serve the purpose of customers' attraction. Illegible boards do not attract customers, and the purpose of advertisement becomes waste.


2.Large text


The outdoor LED billboard advertisement must be neat and simple in all aspects. The customers can understand even from a distance if they look at it. Concise and exact words on billboards impress the customers a lot. A large text is preferable to all audiences.


3.Straight messages


A straight and single message is sufficient for audience recognition. You can avoid complex words or sentences that make people confused. Presentation is the key to reaching your audience through billboards. Use the current trending messages to attract the customer instead of a traditional one.


4.Short message


A short and sweet message does the magic. The headline may be seven words to draw the customers' attention. For faster comprehensions, keep the message short instead of lines.


5.Contrast colors for better understanding


Avoiding white background is the best technique and can use RGB color files for garnering attention. You can go for bright colors for major attractions along with bold letters. Yes, an individual who looks at the board far away should comprehend the message. It has become possible only if you give contrasting colors on the board.


6.Test the advertisment


A unique way to check your billboard advertisement's accuracy is checking it by yourself. Yes, you shall ask someone to stand far from the billboard to view. Raise the following questions at him


  1. *  Is he able to see the board without blurring?
  2. * Does he understand what is written on the board?
  3. * Does he get a clear image?
  4. * Does he comprehend the advertiser on seeing the board?


If the viewer answer Yes to your questions, then you shall execute the process without any hesitations. However, if the viewer has some issues with your questions you have to work further to improve. Streamline the hurdles or issues for your profit.


Size of the board


Use the standard size that gives a legible look after installing. Too big or too small does not work at all. So, choose the size that is compatible with all audiences that look at it. Display pixel pitch and digital banner sizes are highlights of your advertisement.


Above all, be updated with the latest expectations of audiences and include the same in your billboard advertisements. The latest technologies and techniques give you a great response from the audience. Indeed, your LED billboard advertisement elevates your image further among customers.