Aug 30.2021

Large LED Screen - Everything You Want to Know

What are the different types of large LED screens?

What are the occasions using a large LED screen?

The largest LED screen in the world

How to choose a giant LED screen?

How much does a large LED screen cost?


As the technologies are evolving, it has become easier for the businesses, marketers and advertisers to reach out to their audiences. One of the latest additions to this technology is the large LED display wall. These LED walls offer an eye-catching display that can grab the attention of the people quite easily as well as hold the attention too. These large LED walls help the event organizers and the marketers for engaging their audience is a much better and more effective way throughout. These LED screens are used in different purposes and places. Also, there are different types of LED wall displays available in the market. if you are here to know about the different types of LED screens, occasions for using LED screens and more, read on. We have answered all your queries below.


What are the different types of large LED screens?


With the help of LED display, advertising media are enjoying some great benefits. As it is becoming a popular trend, it is important to know everything in details about different types of large LED screens. Some of the most popular types are:


1. Standing Pillar LED Display


This is the most popular type of outdoor LED display. It is used mainly for advertisements. The standing pillar LED displays come in three parts - the columns made up of steel, a base constructor and LED display framework.


2. Wall-mounted LED Display


This is another popular type of LED display which is mainly mounted on the wall. It is a bit more cost-effective than that of the stand pillar LED screens. It comes with an aluminium composite panel providing waterproof perimeter. You can also install this with a waterproof cabinet.


3. Inner Curved LED Screen


The inner curved screen is gaining a lot of popularity lately because of the perfect fit with the building walls. Also, it helps in grabbing more focus of the audiences because it provides better coverage.


4. Top-fixed LED Display


Sometime the advertisers want to provide a wider coverage for their LED ads. This means they need a larger area for displaying the ad to make the audiences see the images and videos. This top-fixed LED display allows you to fix the LED screen on some high spot to grab the attention of more audiences and offer better coverage too.


5. Outer curved LED Screen


The outer curved LED display is also a great addition for the outdoor areas which offer a great viewing experience for your audiences. It is different from that of the flat displays but they offer a different yet exciting viewing experience for you.


6. Dual side LED Screen


Dual side LED screens have displays on both the sides of the screen. This is popularly used in the streets to ensure that the traffic from both the side can see the advertisements displayed on the screen.


What are the occasions using a large LED screen?


The LED large screen is used in different occasions and purposes. Sometimes it is used for advertising and sometimes it is used for events and programs. Here are some of the occasions where these LED screens or displays are used:


For the Wedding: One of the most common occasions where a large LED wall screen is used is the wedding. Of course, you will notice that many couples like to display their journey from the start to the wedding by some slide shows. Also they like to display some of the happy memories, videos and live footage of the wedding too. In such cases LED video walls are quite useful in the wedding ceremonies. This makes it convenient for the guests too to know and see what is happening. You can use these LED displays for different purposes in the wedding and it can make the occasion even more memorable for everyone.


In the Live Concert Events: One of the main occasions where these large LED displays and screens are used is the live concert. There is no doubt that the live concerts are always technologically advanced and they have to cater a huge audience. Having large screens can help the crowd to experience the concert up close without worrying about how much far away they are from the main stage. With the LED screens available, it is convenient for the people to see the concert live through those screens. Also, the large LED screens are used as a backdrop for the concert where they show various things. It can be related to the band or artist who is performing or even it can be some abstract art to match with the ambience and music. Overall, these LED screens can enhance the overall beauty and experience.


In the Meetings & Conferences: Sometimes a conference or meeting can have large crowds. It is almost impossible for everyone there to see the speaker who is talking. Interaction needs seeing too. With these LED screens, it has become easier and more convenient for the host to talk at a large event where everyone present in the hall or room can see him/her in the large display. This is a unique way to grab the attention of every one present in the hall. If it is needed the speaker can also include some visuals like images and videos in support of the claims to make it easier for the audiences to understand.


The largest LED screen in the world


Nowadays, a lot of places are installing these large-sized LED screens to grab the attention of the people for conveying a message or providing information. But one of the questions that come to the mind of people is which one is the largest LED screen and where it is located? Well, the answer is - China.


Yes, the largest LED screen is available in the Harmony Times Square of Suzhou in China. It is a beautiful 'Sky Screen'. It comes with a dimension of about 500 meters by 32 meters which brings the total screen area to about 16,000 square-meters. If you see this in feet, the dimension is 1,640 feet by 105 feet i.e. the total area is about 172,220 square feet.


Another largest screen is also in China which is placed in a venue named 'The Place' which is located in Beijing. It was installed in 2009 which shows us that China has always been technologically quite advanced. This LED screen in The Place of China is a high-definition (HD) video screen with a dimension of 250 meter by 40 meter i.e. 820 feet by 98 feet. It offers a total surface area of 7,500 square-meters i.e. 80,729 square-feet. This LED screen of The Place in Beijing of China is composed of mainly 5 LED screens that are extremely large in size. These 5 screens are arranged in a line so that it can produce a complete image.


How to choose a giant LED screen?


Want to choose the best LED large screen for your event or program? Then you are at the place. If you are buying it for the first time, it is not possible for you to know everything. Hence, this guide will help you in choosing the best LED screen for your needs. While choosing a LED screen for your ad or concert, you have to decide whether you want a screen for outdoor purpose or indoor. The two need separate requirements. Once you determine what your needs is, then you can decide on different factors like::


High brightness and contrast: When it comes to choosing the right LED screen, you have to always look for the one with high brightness and contrast. Without that, the screen visuals will not as attractive as it should. A good contrast and brightness ratio ensures a vivid picture quality. This will not only help you to provide a high-quality visual experience to the audiences but also it will grab their attention more effectively.


Wide-angle view: While buying a large screen for displaying your ads or campaign or anything, make sure that you are focusing the viewing angle. If the viewing angle is wide, then it will help you to grab the attention of a large number of audiences at a time.


Size of the screen: The next thing that you have to consider is the size. Definitely, there are different sizes available even for the large screens. You have to decide what the ideal dimension is that can go well with the space where you decide to place the screen. Based on that, you can find the right LED display.


How much does a large LED screen cost?


The LED screen costs can vary from one type to another. There a lot of factors involved and the cost is mainly determined based on the area. For the large-sized LED screens the price range varies from $5000 to as high as $90,000. It depends on the screen size, resolution as well as the type of LED display you are choosing.




This is all about the large LED display or screen that must know about. Being a first-timer, it is not possible for everyone to have all the information. This above article is a complete guide for you and everything that you must know about these large-sized LED screens.