Sep 25.2021

Curved LED Screen - Advantages and Applications

Can LED screen be curved?

What do curved LED screens used for?

The advantages of Curved LED screen

Are curved screens more expensive?

Different ideas about curved LED display


Curved Monitors have been in the market for quite some time now. Although the price was expensive in the beginning, the rates have fallen now to reasonable levels. Big names like LG, Samsung have placed a lot of importance on technology. Curved screens are the trend! And so in the future.


So, what is the problem? There are concerns that are yet to be addressed. There is also a bag of advantages when you choose to buy a curved LED Screen. Here is a quick study on the pros of buying an LED screen.


Can LED screen be curved?


LED screens have become thinner and more modern right from their time of inception. With the introduction of flexible glass LED screens can be made curved as well. Curved LED display is the latest trend and people are ready to buy it. The market price of these televisions is now reasonable and there are many buyers for this model.


What do curved LED screens used for?


The curved LED screens are primarily used to create bends that are curved and around the corners. Modular screens are used in combination with curved screens to ensure the transition from flat to curved surfaces. They are curved elegantly and smoothly around the corner. LED screens are maintained for a variety of purposes. There is a wide range of selection for pixel and display brightness. Supporting surfaces are developed to install the LED screens and mount them safely for use.


Curved LED screens find their applications in various places. They are used in a conference room where there are 1000s of people and they can view it without a hindrance. The cinemas are also seeing an evolution with many opting for curved screens. Not just that, curved screens are widely used in the advertising and construction business. Curved screens are also used in smartwatches, mobile phones, etc. Last but not the least, the commercial availability of curved LED screens has wooed the crowd into constructing smart homes where curved LED is a prominent device.


The advantages of Curved LED screen


There are multiple advantages of a curved LED screen. Here is a list that you can read in detail.


A better immersion


Yes, this is what you will experience when you opt for a curved LED screen. When the edges are curved a little and slightly bent forward you get the feeling of a real world. Yes, this is the vision that is guaranteed with curved LED screens. The image is focused in front of your eyes and the peripheral vision is also adjusted accordingly in these types of screens. When you are watching a picture on a curved screen, you might feel more immersed and this enhances your experience of watching the picture.


This is true, in particular, for gamers, who can enjoy the real experience of gaming. They are right at the heart of the game with this screen.


Viewing angle matters


With the curved LED screen, the viewing angle seems wider and bigger. A Curved LED display and a wider viewing angle are all that you can ask for! When you view something on a normal LCD you may miss out on a few aspects. The color saturation and contrast are to blame! The light that comes out of the screen affects your view. This is resolved with a curved LED display since you have a wider viewing angle.


A 3-D view without much effort


A guaranteed 3-D view without slogging for it. Isn't it a good idea? Curved LED displays offer you this experience. The curved nature of the screen gives you a 3-D view and all this comes without any annoyance and that's the incredible part. The depth of view or perception increases with the surface of curvature. The difference can be stated clearly when you compare this with a flat-screen.


Looks, looks, and looks


We have to agree that the aesthetics are better for a curved screen than its counterparts. Curved screens are way too forward when you compare to other screens and the difference between them is relatable.


Are curved screens more expensive?


The manufacturing cost of curved screens is more compared to flat screens. The straight truth, nothing but the truth! It is too expensive. Or, you can at least think they were!! Curved screens are way too expensive in comparison with their flat counterparts. This is exactly why the customers for a curved LED screen are limited. Only TV enthusiasts and hardcore gamers prefer curved screens.


However, the current scenario says that the prices are dropping. Yes! You heard it right! They are dropping and becoming more affordable and the sales are picking up. There are many people out there who are opting to buy these curved screens. Why not view your favorite movie on a curved screen while it is quite affordable?


Gaming displays are far too expensive although they offer a great gaming experience. However, a lot of curved displays have gotten more affordable. Now, curved LED video walls are a fantasy and there's no doubt they leave a big hole in your pocket.


Different ideas about curved LED display


LED screens are just everywhere! Turn around and you may see it! Curved LED displays are better used in gaming avenues, offices, or art displays. These displays are the best when it comes to getting the attention of passersby. These displays can also be used outdoors in places like theme parks to display content.


People around are given a view with higher resolution and it can convey any content in an effective manner garnering the attention of viewers. This is why advertisements use curved LEDs. When used in art galleries, they display the exhibit in an attractive manner that the visitors are in awe of! They also record a higher degree of sale with these screens.


When it comes to displaying promotional material curved LED screens are the best. They can capture the attention of every single person in the room and the degree of sales just peaks.


"Every coin has two sides and a curved LED is no exception" While there are a lot of positive things and alluring qualities about the LED display, there is a dark side. People usually complain about a distortion in the geometric viewing angle. The corners get distorted due to their nature.


If you are so used to having a flat screen and suddenly when you mount a curved screen on your wall, it may look a little out of place. Curved screens are good in bigger events and outdoors. They offer a great look. But, when hung in a smaller or lesser place, it may fail to look that great.




A curved display is amazing for plenty of reasons! The display is built with just one thing in mind- the human vision. This addresses the problem of viewing experiences of the human mind. This is the exact reason why people in marketing love this technology. Selling this technology is a lot easier compared to its counterparts. This technology gives people great money for value and that's exactly what a customer looks at.


You can easily promote brands, build brands and sell brands in various places with the help of this adorable technology. Indoor or outdoor, the picture you see on this tv leaves a lasting impression in the minds of people.


The curved LED displays are widely used in front of shops, outdoor places, amusement parks, etc to display advertisements. There are multiple options when it comes to advertising a commodity but a curved LED remains the popular option.


If you are an entertainment or gaming fan, you certainly understand how important the viewing experience is. A better gaming experience thrills the gamer and makes him look forward to more. This is a boon in view of technology. Gamers are many, and this is a wonderful choice for all those who are craving that experience.


Considering the fact that curved LED is seeing a wider drop in price, and becoming affordable to larger groups, we may soon see a LED in many houses. Luxury always comes with a huge price, but it is happier when that luxury becomes affordable.


LED also has an interesting history. It was in 1952 that the first curved TV was unveiled in a cinema. Fred Waller, the man behind this innovation worked for Paramount Studios as a motion picture engineer. Now, this became a tourist attraction and people flocked to see the curved Tv.


It is amazing to know that this innovation, based on human vision, became popular and widely used only after 50 years of its inception. Today, the technology is best used. A combination of LED and screen technology is doing wonders. The application is not limited to a television, it is used for displaying ads, computer screens, mobile screens, etc. Isn't it a revolution?


Technology is a revolution in its true sense. While we wait to see better and wider innovations in technology, let us not forget to cherish the ones we already have! A curved LED is affordable and why not give it a try? Grab your piece now!