Sep 25.2021

LED light box - How does it work?

What is an LED light box?

What is an LED light box used for?

How do LED light boxes work?

Differences between LED light boxes and LED screen panels


Light boxes are popular equipment used to illuminate graphic displays using an outer frame. An LED light box is a structure that makes use of LEDs to illuminate a fabric pulled across a frame. In any type of retail environment, the biggest hurdle to overcome comes in the form of engaging passers-by.


In short, the light boxes are used to make sure whether the campaign is grabbing the attention of people or not. This post explains what an LED light box is, how do they function, and for what purposes light boxes are used. Read on to find out more about LED light boxes.


What is an LED light box?


An LED light box serves the purpose of illuminating different types of graphic displays. They are created by using a frame, a graphic that can permeate light such as duratrans or fabric, and LED lights all housed within a frame that makes the installed graphic illuminate.


There is no denying that light boxes are efficient when it comes to increasing visibility and captivating customer's attention. As a result, it is a proven fact that illuminated graphics can work wonders whenever it comes to promoting certain things and tend to increase sales by about 30%.


LED light boxes have taken over the world by storm and they are in great demand in the commercial industry. It is redefining the display industry with its intuitive LED light boxes. The brand awareness and visibility of companies are in great shape nowadays thanks to the innovative illuminated graphic technique.


These graphics are very good at grabbing the attention of people around them. Brands tend to display their services and products through the LED light boxes to encourage sales in their retail stores. Moreover, they can be used to promote things specified for other similar environments. With these light boxes, you can make your fabric more bright and attractive.


Moreover, the illuminated displays come with features that make it easy for you to update the graphic whenever you may need it. That way, you can work with different graphics and it serves as a long-term solution for your retail store. With different types of LED light boxes available on the market, it makes your job easier.


Now, you can mount them into the walls or can make them stand. Moreover, some of them come with double-sided frames so that you can make the graphic more intense and look attractive. These light boxes come in any shape or size and that makes them useful enough for exhibitions, malls, shop floors, and so on.


What is an LED light box used for?


LED light boxes are used as displays and are promotional tools for entertainment, restaurants, venues, retail stores, casinos, and so on. These boxes are used for reinforcing both back-of-mind and top-of-mind actions necessary to build awareness among the audience to improve branding and yield measurable results.


Because the LED light boxes provide bright light with energy-saving designs, it brings visual illumination to a different level. That way, it can be used in a variety of applications such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and other commercial places. They help to create eye-catching visuals with significant energy savings.


Merchants use these light boxes to advertise both outdoors and indoors. You can find them in sports brand stores, mobile phone stores, etc. The kind of illumination that the box displays have astonished people worldwide. The LEDs are manufactured in a way to lasts for a very long time.


Moreover, the intensity from the displays means that you get only the clear and right images that are required for presentations or promotions. Also, they could be wall-mounted or freestanding and available in a variety of sizes and shapes that suit your needs better. So, if you are thinking about improving your brand visibility, an LED slim light box can help you a lot.


LED light boxes are mostly used for outdoor advertisement because it gathers lots of attention and helps in promoting the services thereby increasing the sales. Moreover, they are commonly used in exhibitions to make sure that the artworks are illuminated in the right way. That way, it can create a good visual impact.


It is something that a non-lit display could never achieve in areas where there is poor lighting. The light enters the graphic in an even manner and displays sharp images. Therefore, at retail outlets or exhibition centers where advertisements happen all the time, an LED light box helps to create a crystal clear and vibrant display that draws attention from the crowd.


How do LED light boxes work?


LED light boxes work through a series of backlit LED strips. It is the latest technology used for LED light boxes. The LED strips can provide you with the brightest illumination that can be available. And, it can go up to 7000 lumens and they can be scaled even for larger installations.


The visual display size of the images increases to a great extent with the help of LEDs. In short, you can tell that the brightness and light distribution that you get to see on light boxes powered by LEDs is maintained throughout the frame. As a result, the image becomes more clear and more smooth compared to a non-lit LED surface.


So, backlit LED works in such a manner so that the display becomes clear even for larger displays. Another thing to notice about these light boxes is the placement of the LED strips. The distance between two strips when placed inside the box plays a crucial role in determining the results of the image being displayed on the screen.


To have a maximum clear effect, the LED strips are placed between three and four inches right on the center that has narrow intervals to make the light output more intense. With backlit LED technology, there are a variety of styles that you can expect from LED light boxes. So, they can provide you with 24/7 visibility for the light boxes.


Advertisements are put up by companies and brands so that they can be noticed. And, if they are not visible, there is no point in putting them there. Human eyes are drawn to bright light and there is no chance that people will miss your message displayed on the slim light box panel.


Differences between LED light boxes and LED screen panels


LED light boxes and LED screen panels to have certain differences between them. They are used for different purposes. Here, the differences are explained in brief.


Graphic updates


LED light boxes are normally used to replace the display frequently such as a seasonal or monthly promotional message. That way, the LED light boxes provide fast access to the graphic without tools. On the other hand, LED screen panels are designed for the permanent or long-term display of the graphic. So, there is no need to access the graphic.


The material used


While LED light boxes are built from extruded aluminum, LED screen panels are usually crafted with wood, plastic, or steel. Aluminum is considered to be superior when it comes to elegance and durability. However, other materials are often economical when used with LED screen panels. Moreover, LED screen panels are bigger compared to LED light boxes. Hence, they are used in large stadiums, buildings, or highway signage so that the message can be viewed from a larger distance.


Security of the graphic


LED light boxes to tend to sandwich backlit film between the two lenses. That way, the image can be updated without the need to waste a lens. The task gets done by combining a few things such as slide frames, flip edges, hinged doors, and snap frames. LED screen panels consist of a single translucent lens layer. It is designed in such a way to make the item simple, extend its longevity, and manage moisture condensation.


Viewing distances


LED light boxes are meant to provide close-up views mainly for promotional activities. But LED screen panels have different functionalities and usually have larger viewing distances.




Most of the LED light boxes that you find around are generic or rectangular depending on the artwork or branding or message. As a result, it increases mass production and decreases costs per unit. Any kind of customization related to the graphic is executed to the graphic film. You have to just replace it with another. LED screen panels are custom-shaped or fitted with one-time personalized features that reflect a certain brand. And, that cannot be changed.




LED light boxes are becoming more and more popular in recent years and it is expected that more innovations in this specific area will unearth. With a single snap, users can change the images while on the move without the need to remove the entire frame from where it was put.


All you have to do is unsnap the frame, put another one, snap it back and you are done. There is no need to use specialized tools and the task gets completed within 30 seconds. The level of clarity from LED light boxes is superior compared to ordinary light boxes that you find on the market.