Dec 08.2023

Unilumin Rental Solution Spices up LDI 2023

On December 3-5, Unilumin showcased its top-notch solution at the LDI Exhibition (Lighting and Audio Technology Exhibition) in Las Vegas, USA. XR virtual shooting stage, LED creative display installation, outdoor small-pitch products, and many other cutting-edge innovations at booth 1589 attracted a large number of audiences and industry professionals, intriguing the enlightening discussion at the site.


XR Virtual Shooting  

At the exhibition site, Unilumin showcased the joint XR virtual shooting scene with its ecological partners Pixotope and GREEN POWER STUDIOS. The XR stage delivered ultra-high definition and realistic visual effects as well as a highly immersive experience, showing Unilumin's strong capability in one-stop virtual shooting solutions.

This XR scene is realized with Unilumin UpadIV Pro 2.6 display, which boasts less picture graininess, and no scanning lines or horizontal stripes, guaranteeing soft color display and ensuring high-quality shooting with anti-glare features. In addition, the matte-masked LED tile screen UDF03 screen applied on the stage floor can support a weight of over 1.5t per square meter and has a high level of waterproof design, able to realize a stable display effect and become more durable.

Creative Art Installation

As another highlight of Unilumin booth, the creative art installation presented a landscape of oriental conception through the crystal clear picture display with a strong sense of layering, which made it a feast to the eyes of the exhibition visitors.

The art installation is a set of combined products, which include XS1.9 and XC1.9. Suitable for a variety of scenarios, it can be installed by a single person in a tool-free way and allows modular maintenance. In particular, the XS product, winning many international awards, is designed with 9 angle adjustment gears per cabinet, able to realize the perfect “S” shape with an ultra-wide radian range of ±40°. The highly smooth screen can meet the needs of various creative shapes and can easily deliver refreshing visual effects.


Outdoor Rental Samples

In addition, Unilumin displayed a variety of small-pitch products for outdoor scenarios. Meanwhile, there are two new products were showcased, the outdoor transparent screen Upad M and the professional outdoor wind-resistant Upad V for rental purposes ensure excellent display effect and waterproof and dustproof ability even in extremely bright outdoor environments. With the touring dolly used as a supplement, the efficiency and flexibility of display installation can be greatly improved through fast movement and flexible adjustment.


Unilumin is committed to providing customers worldwide with the most cutting-edge and best-quality Metasight products and services. In the future, Unilumin, upholding the spirit of innovation, will continue to promote the development and application of Metasight technology and bring more excellent visual experience to users around the world.