Jun 17.2014

UTV UHD LED Display Roadshow 2014

Unilumin Group launches UTV roadshow 2014 which will demonstrate its UTV series UHD LED display to more than 3000 professionals in AV system integration field inChina.

Theme of the roadshow this year is “Smart city, Smart display”. “The market grows very fast for the UHD LED display in China, about 24% YoY market growth in 2013, and our sales grows about 30% in last two quarters in 2014, control room, retail and public venues, broadcast studios are all demanding a seamless sharp display, UTVseries UHD LED display is the right one for them.” Says Vincent Ma, general manager of Unilumin Group. “We conduct the roadshow to make more people know this new technology, as they usually use rear projection display or super narrow bezel flat panel display, it’s hard to let them quickly transfer to the UHD LED seamless display, but we believe the roadshow can accelerate the pace.”

This roadshow campaign will be held in 18 major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai,Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, etc.