May 03.2018

UpadⅢ H — Supports Its Popularity with Sales Volume

A masterpiece from Unilumin’s Rental LED display for outdoors — UpadⅢ H. After being introduced to the LED market in March, it has gained great popularity throughout home and aboard. Total volume of sales orders reached 1500㎡ after the new product release conference! And the spot goods of 1000㎡ can be guaranteed across one year. 


In a world of LED outdoor display driven by great safety and efficiency, you need to stand out from the crowd. Go above and beyond. And  UpadⅢ H can help you. 


Super Safe: Professional-grade Carbon Fiber Structure


Using the superior carbon fiber, UpadIII H is 10 times stronger than the one made from die-cast aluminum. Moreover, the safety rope and lock ensure multi-protection for LED display screen. From what have been mentioned above, UpadIII H is definitely qualified for the super safe and reliable product! 

Super fast: Touring System

Professional touring sysrem of UpadIII H makes it possible for the much quicker installation, turnaround and maintenance by cutting 2/3 time. TOOL-FREE design improves efficiency of replacing parts greatly: 15s to replace a module, 10s to replace a central unit.



​Compared with the product of ordinary display technology, UpadIII H brings the incredible brightness and chromaticity to viewers with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, and avoids such color distortion and overexposure.

(Note: HDR display technology is only available on customized products) 

Bringing together industry-leading technology with business-focused innovation, Unilumin has developed UpadⅢ H for you— a preference for the safe & fast outdoor display. 

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