Jun 28.2010

Unilumin:Create LED industry aircraft carrier in a down-to-earth way

Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co.,LTD (hereinafter referred to Unilumin Technology) was established in Octorb,2004 and has LED Display Division and LED Lighting Display Division. Now it has become the top LED application of products service provider. Unilumin has got the award of “The fastest Growth LED Enterprise” and the president Lin Minfeng has won ”The Leader in Chinese LED field” in the Annual Conference of Chinese LED Industry (cross-strait industrial cooperation forum).

In the course of development in recent years, LED display is the foundation of Unilumin . It has become the one of the first three places in the country’s total export volume and created a large number of classic projects. Such as:The 60th anniversary of establishment of the People Republic of China, the LED display in Tian’anmen square, the National Grand Theater P10 irregular stage display, display in the 18th National Anniversary Ceremony in Turkmenistan, Expo Henan Museum, South Africa Museum, Gansu Museum and so on.

Compared with LED display, although the LED lighting division start very late and just have 3 years of development history, its growth rate is far higher than the LED display. At present the entire light 90lm / W or more products in mass production and it has the installation experience of more than 20 thousand street lights.

Low-carbon environmental protection has become a hot topic in today's society. In recent years, governments around the world actively introduced various policies to encourage people to use green products. LED lighting products are very popular with the people of the world because of the energy saving. It is immeasurable for its future development and market capacity.

The vice president of LED lighting division Mr. Wu said: Unilumin saw the market prospects and profit margins, but we also deeply understand: the market has never been shouted out, is made out; profit is not falling out of the air, andis earn it back to. "

In such a situation, how does Unilumin development in the future? "down to earth, followed by the situation. Develop the LED lighting industry on the basis of the LED display . " Mr. Wu told reporters.

People may know the reason why Unilumin can be the leader in the LED display if he is familiar with the LED display. Perfect quality and good service is the best advantage of Unilumin.

Target: LED Lighting Division become the one of the top 5 within 3 years

Postscript: work hard to be the leader in LED industrial

After the interview, Unilumin gives us the deep impression is practical. They do not speak emp