May 14.2010

Unilumin lights the Shanghai World Expo’ 2010

Unilumin provides with more than 3500㎡ LED displays to light the World Expo’ 2010. It is nearly 50 screens established more than 20 pavilions.

       The producing time is extremely limited for these projects. Generally speaking, it takes half year to produce till finish installation. However, depending on skilled producing process and professional technologies, Unilumin effectively completed the complicated task within two months. Furthermore, many pavilions require special ground display and ceiling display whose producing process is totally different form ordinary display, from which many LED manufactures flinch. Nevertheless, Unilumin researches and produces all the displays by her own and finishes the entire installation task in time.  

Henan Pavilion

       Holding the principal of sincerity, effectiveness and activity, Unilumin provides all-around solution form display’s installation to individual lighting demands, besides that, we also provide service including spare parts preparation, web connection and question consulting. Unilumin persists in individual and all-around service during the Shanghai World Expo’ 2010.