Jul 15.2020

LED large screen operation and maintenance solution—the Ucare platform software of Unilumin was officially released!

  • With the advent of the new infrastructure era, the cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI and Internet of things are becoming more and more mature. LED display screen, as the core display terminal of information intelligent interaction, is widely used in smart city, public security, emergency and other fields.

The operation and maintenance management of LED display screen had become the main problem troubling customers and manufacturers.Therefore, how to help users improve the operation and maintenance ability of LED large screen and improve the daily work efficiency has become the pain point for LED display manufacturers to maintain customer relationship and promote brand reputation. 

In order to solve this problem, Unilumin designed and developed a set of solution for daily operation and maintenance of large screen based on few years of technical accumulation.Unilumin’s Ucare is an application management system based on Internet technology for real-time monitoring of narrow pixel pitch LED display system, splicing controller system, LED playback controller, PLC distribution cabinet and peripheral equipment operation status and fault management.


It integrates the concept of LED display screen physical examination in the functional design, and takes the screen, card receiving and card issuing, splicing control, high score workstation and control PC into the scope of physical examination monitoring, realizes the whole chain status monitoring, and carries out the full cycle health analysis for the LED display screen and peripheral equipment, and provides global intelligent operation and maintenance services for users all over the world through the Internet.

Ucare can assist users in remote, daily and automatic detection for the status of the LED large screen system by using Internet technology, and realizes the effect that report early warning information timely, identify risks in advance, and ensure the system to operate stablely. For some common faults and major tasks guarantee, customers do not need to contact the manufacturer to send special personnel for maintenance, which will greatly improve the work efficiency.

In daily use, Unilumin’s Ucare possesses outstanding functions such as project management, screen status, maintenance mode and system management.



The Framework of Unilumin’s Ucare

Project Management - Full Chain Real-Time Monitoring. It supports the display, addition, deletion, modification and check of the project basic information. Users can access the play list and sending card information list of the control system according to the authorized accessing, and can visually operate the wiring condition of the large screen cabinet and the wire running condition of the cabinet.

Screen Status - The Whole Life Cycle Management of Screen Body and Peripheral Equipment. It supports real-time display for screen resolution, refresh rate, pixel pitch, splicing system, sending card parameters, optical parameters, sensor parameters and other informations, as well as the operating status of server related equipment, and supports visual display of large screen display system parameters.

Maintenance Mode - One Key Maintenance and Automatic Monitoring. It supports the users to check the wiring situation of the cabinet and position information of the cabinet, and it supports the automatic refresh of abnormal diagnosis list and real-time display of fault information and fault location; when the user operates a cabinet / module of the screen, the software interface will present the detailed information of the corresponding cabinet / module automatically.

System Management - Authority Management.  It support customers to visually manage the role, user, project, system configuration and system log.

With the development of new infrastructure and smart city, the application market of LED display will continue to open. However, the operation and maintenance management problems faced by customers and manufacturers will also become increasingly prominent. In the future, Unilumin will focus on LED technology innovation, optimize Ucare and other Unilumin’s operation and maintenance platform software continuously, improve customers’ user experience with more advanced LED display solutions, and create value for customers continuously.