Mar 26.2024

Original Products Won 4 iF Design Awards

The iF Design Award is highly regarded as an authoritative award worldwide in the industry.

Recently, four products of Unilumin's rental display Upad Series have won international iF Design Awards, which are UpadIV HB, XV Series transparent screen, tailored-made LEDskin Series, and a new product under R&D.  

By acclaiming the most authoritative award in the industry, Unilumin’s innovative capabilities and customer-centric product design philosophy have been well recognized again.





Upad Series UpadIV HB
UpadIV HB is undoubtedly the most ‘hardcore’ LED panel in the LED industry. With the robust wind-bracing frame, it can withstand even typhoons. UpadIV HB boasts many impressive functions, such as a high protection level, efficient heat dissipation system, highly integrated and independent power supply unit, and durable arc locking system. The strong frame of HB can bear a maximum height of 15 meters of displays hanging on the outdoor stage, without any destruction or deformation.



XV Series
The transparent LED display unit is designed for stage-setting applications. The display applies an extremely thin PCB to achieve as high a transparent area ratio as possible. Combined with the stage's looming lights, it presents a brilliant visual effect. The brightness is up to  4000 cd/by adopting high current intensity LED chip packaging which is protected by waterproof glue. Optimized aluminum molds and magnesium alloy ensure XV a lightweight body and easy installation, withstanding extreme environments like rainstorms, salt atmosphere, etc.

LEDskin Series
LEDskin is a product specifically designed by Unilumin for exhibition stand applications according to the customized requirements of customers. Each panel can be freely combined and quickly removed & replaced. Despite the thickness of only 62 mm, all cables can be hidden inside the panels.