Mar 02.2022

LED Screen for Window Display – A Great Way to Grab Customers’ Attention

Benefits of Using LED Screen for Window Display

What to Consider When Choosing a LED Screen for Window Display?

5 Great LED Window Display Ideas

How Much Does it Cost to Use LED Screen for Window Display?

Wrapping Up

With tough competition nowadays in various businesses, it's only necessary that you step up your game when promoting your products and services. After all, standard advertising methods may not be as effective anymore. Gladly, there's another advertising method you can use to get people to look at your products and services effectively.


And this method is through the usage of efficient LED window displays. So, what is a LED screen for window display, anyway? More importantly, how do they exactly help you grab customers' attention? Here's what you need to know about these excellent installations below.


Benefits of Using LED Screen for Window Display


Several merchants widely use LED window displays for good reasons. Although they look like your standard home televisions, these installations are designed for commercial purposes. Because of that, they offer tons of benefits compared to commonplace advertising materials. And here are some of these benefits below:


LED Screens are cost-efficient


If you ever want to advertise new products on your storefront, you'd have to replace your old displays with new prints. Replacing your posters and banners means shelling out money for printing costs. But with a fantastic LED window display, you can say goodbye to printing costs.


Although LED screen installations are pricy, you'd be pleasantly surprised how much money you can save in the long run by no longer relying on printed promotional materials. So, if you ever need to put up new promotional materials, all you have to do is replace the displayed content through the screen's controls.


Furthermore, besides saving up on printing costs, you also don't need to maintain LED screens, unlike printed displays. These installations are known for their sturdiness, hence why they're also an excellent investment for your business.


LED screens are flexible and highly customizable


A LED screen for window display is incredibly flexible for advertising your products and services. Unlike standard materials like banners, you can display any type of promotional content on your LED screens. That way, you don't have to stick with printed text or images anymore.


So, with an excellent LED window display, you can also use attractive visual advertising materials like short clips or animations. And with so many customizable options, you can easily pick impressive displays that will greatly increase your brand awareness.


LED screens contain brighter screen displays that make your business stand out


Are you looking for a way to stand out amongst other competitors? A LED screen should help you with that. A LED screen for window display comes in high brightness levels, ensuring that your displayed content is highly visible from different viewpoints.


LED screens also display your content in striking hues, other than having bright display levels. That way, your content will easily stand out from the crowd, even from afar. Such factors also make your content visible, even amidst the sunny outdoors.


LED screens obtain higher engagement from customers


As a business owner, you'd know that your storefront is usually what your customers check out before walking into your shop. And to successfully get their attention, you can make use of a LED screen's bright colors and enticing display.


What to Consider When Choosing a LED Screen for Window Display?


Now that you know the amazing advantages of using LED screens, it's time to narrow down your options and pick the most suitable LED screens for your store. So, here are some factors you should consider when selecting a LED window display:


Size of your store: How big is your store or the area where you want some LED screen installations? Since LED screens come in multiple sizes and layouts, picking one that suits your store the most is recommended.


Amount of LED screens you want to be installed: Do you want just one LED screen in your storefront? Or are you considering having more LED screens displayed throughout your area? If your budget permits it, feel free to pick more than just one LED screen installation as you wish!


LED screen style: LED screen styles also come in square, horizontal, or vertical styles. So, be sure to pick a layout that matches your preferred look.


Picking an ideal pixel pitch: If your content will be viewed from afar, investing in LED screens with higher pixel pitches is highly recommended. Meanwhile, the opposite is expected if you have a LED screen made for short-viewing distances. You can always ask your chosen supplier regarding this.


Find the best supplier: Finding the best LED screen supplier is also crucial. After all, you don't want to invest your money in a supplier that won't provide you with quality products and installation services. So, be sure to find an expert supplier that will meet your budget, needs, and preferences. And, of course, ensure that they only offer premium LED screen products as well.


5 Great LED Window Display Ideas


You'd be surprised to find that there are many LED window display styles. And if you're overwhelmed at the array of LED window displays, here are five great LED window display ideas you might like:


1. Outdoor LED window displays


Outdoor LED screens are best known for their increased brightness and scattered dot density. Outdoor displays function accordingly during the day and night. In addition, these LED screens are also built to be seen from a distance and have an extensive display.


2. Indoor LED window displays


Compared to outdoor displays, indoor types don't need much brightness to function. After all, these LED screens will be viewed by customers from the indoors and in close proximity. This makes them easy on the eyes and has increased density.


3. LED poster window displays


LED poster screens are highly preferred for their easy mobility. Besides putting these LED screens at your storefront, you can also place LED poster window displays inside your store. Doing this allows you to offer more beautiful visual content to your customers.


4. Synchronized LED window displays


Do you want more organization in your displays? If that's to your liking, you can consider getting synchronized LED window displays to promote your products and services. These LED screens put on view multiple grayscale shades, which in turn, enhances the impact of your content no matter what a screen's size may be.


5. Transparent LED screens


These types of led screens allow sunlight to shine through them. They're also your best bet if you want a display that looks neat and stylish.


How Much Does it Cost to Use LED Screen for Window Display?


Depending on the dimensions and type of installation you want for your LED window display, the costs might vary. But on average, you can expect a LED screen for window display installation to have a minimum price of $3,000 and a maximum price of $200,000.


Of course, you can always discuss your options with your preferred LED screen supplier. And with the help of a professional LED screen supplier and installer, you can truly make the most out of a LED screen's perks by getting reasonably priced installation expenses.


Wrapping Up


With everything discussed above, it's safe to say that LED screens are your new pals for your business. After all, LED window displays are modular, customizable, and also come in attractive bright screens that can quickly captivate your customers. Furthermore, they're also considerably cost-effective and even come in different display styles.


So, if you're looking for a great way to grab customers' attention, then getting a LED screen for window display should help you out. And with a professional LED screen supplier and installer, you should be delighted with this cost-efficient investment and experience its benefits in no time.