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LEDs in the Real-Time Revolution


The idea of using 3D scenery rendered on large LED-screen volumes, synchronized with tracked cameras, combined with real-time multi-collaboration is actually not new. However, in-camera LED Virtual production has seen its popularity soar during 2020 due to worldwide challenges. Over time, solution providers started cooperating to adapt their product line to match the high-level requirements of this kind of production.


Right now, many exciting productions can take advantage of in-camera LED Virtual Production, because it offers exceptional color control and comprehensive image manipulation via processing controllers, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and composites through game-engine and three-dimensional or visually compelling backgrounds to be reproduced in the LED Walls that can offer immersive and fascinating shooting, all of it in real-time control.


By offering state-of-art technology, combined with high class components and exceptional service, Unilumin LED solutions are able to deliver impressive visuals in final pixel and achieve realistic results.

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The Cube

Product: UpadIII 2.6

Location: Opus Film soundstage, Poland

Credit: Enginious studio in partnership with Opus Film, Visualsupport, Piloci Studio and Funky Fox Studio.

Why In-Camera LED Virtual

  • Creativity By visualsupport, Alvernia XR


    With in-camera LED Virtual Production, the Virtual Art Department the Production Director and Photography Director can see the scene shooting and its effects in real time. Hosts and talents can interact live with the scene and the immersive background provided by the LED Wall. Whether a digital set extension or compelling backgrounds, in-camera LED Virtual Production delivers unprecedented levels of lighting & reflection accuracy to the subject that cannot be achieved with green screen & conventional lighting

  • Efficiency By visualsupport, Alvernia XR


    The use of real-time engine offers a range of tools that allow your production with quick customizations, high-quality assets and multi-collaboration. A rendered scene can be achieved faster than before, you will reduce dramatically the time spent in post-production and compositing time. LED video wall technology provides to everyone a clear visual setting, ‘What You See is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG).

  • Flexibility By visualsupport, Alvernia XR


    With in-camera LED Virtual Production more frequently, an entire scene can be captured in camera in a single pass, or you can swap shorter scenes out in seconds. It also allows your Virtual Art Department to create a “Library of Worlds” – that can be revisited during different times of the shooting or even later in different productions. This will revolutionize the approach of world creation for shooting productions.

Where To Apply In-Camera
LED Virtual Production?

  • Virtual Production & xR Stages By visualsupport, Alvernia XR

    Virtual Production & xR Stages

    In-Camera Virtual Production will enhance the way we share our stories. The way we engage and advertise these stories to the world are on the brink of a revolution. Mainly because of immersive xR Stages approach to final production effects.

    Thanks to the Extended Reality and Virtual Production technologies, we are now able to tell stories in ways that they were never told before.

    Such new reality opens the opportunity for a more engaging method to communicate with different audiences and immerse them into this new and evolving technology.

  • LED in Film Production By visualsupport, Alvernia XR

    LED in Film Production

    In-Camera Virtual Production for Films has taken the shooting scenes technique to a whole new level. With the ability to create new dynamic virtual sets and its flexibility will bring many advantages to the whole production team.

    Combined with latest technologies, powerful systems, virtual composites and spectacular backgrounds on LED walls, you can generate virtual sets to replicate the real world you want to tell in your story.

    Being surrounded by dynamic LED Walls in which you are able to manipulate your ‘library of worlds’ in real-time, generating real-time composites and virtual assets that can be used now or later.

  • Advertising & Broadcast By visualsupport, Alvernia XR

    Advertising & Broadcast

    In-Camera Virtual Production is also being used in traditional markets to create immersive video environments for broadcast and advertisements.

    Replacing physical world and traditional green screen for virtual studios. It allows the talent, presenters or the audience to see and interact with the content around them through virtual production elements.

    This ground-breaking technology is already having a huge impact on how advertisers and broadcasters are delivering their content to their audiences.

Surface Laptop

Product: UpadIII 2.6

Location: USA

What is the part of LED Displays in-camera LED Virtual Production?

In-Camera LED Virtual Production is part of a multi collaboration process used during the production of advertisements, contents or movies. As a part of this collaboration we can find that LED Displays are playing a substantial role for a finer and superior output of the final pixel production.


As a market-leader of LED solutions Unilumin will always observe technological innovation and join hands with partners worldwide in order to deploy the best solutions for our clients. Unilumin focuses on offering consistent LED solutions to its partners in order to guarantee a fluent performance of their production. We can guarantee reliable solutions because we carefully select the first-rate LED batches from selected suppliers. This strategic input combined with a powerful specification turns Unilumin into the market reference for Virtual Production.

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By Virtual Magic Studios

Our solutions

Unilumin LED panels are capable to display stunning visuals due to a high-level specification for high-performance in-camera LED Virtual Production. Therefore, why do Unilumin LED panels are able to provide outstanding in-camera performance? Because our panels are combined with high-end components and powerful IC’s that makes all the difference for the ‘in-camera’ reliable performance. The consistency of the LED panels will help syncing with other components during the process such as video processing, rendering server and camera, such synchronization is essential to get final pixel production results.


Unilumin provides LED panels solutions with Pixel Pitch range from 1.3 to 2.9mm for LED walls, with High-Refresh Rate level, Low-time Multiplexing Scan Rate, support shooting at higher frame rates - up to 144 and able to deliver HDR10 color spectrum and dynamic contrast range. LED panels solutions for ceiling and floor are also available with high level of compatibility with the walls, either for xR Immersive productions or VFX Set Extensions for Filmmaking productions.

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By visualsupport, Alvernia XR

Find Your Products

UpadIV-F<br>Create value, continuously

Create value, continuously


Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm

Application: LED Walls


UpadIV delivers a high-quality visual effect and final pixel result thanks to its high-level specification.

The 4th generation of Upad Series, designed with magnesium alloy, assembled with top-notch specs and a high-quality control system will meet the requirements of all your in-camera Virtual Production needs.

UpadIV delivers precise flatness connection between cabinets for flat designs, and precise angle (for every 1°) to meet all studios curve requirements. UpadIV also counts with top protective features protecting during any assemble-disassemble or maintenance process.

Unano-F<br>Fine Pitch To Move

Fine Pitch To Move


Pixel Pitch: 1.3, 1.5, 1.8mm

Application: LED Walls


Unano delivers an exquisite final pixel result thanks to its Narrow Pixel Pitch solutions and high-dynamic color range.

The awarded product design and its mechanics guarantee super flatness during installation and the most protective system of the industry.

Unano can deliver precise flatness connection between cabinets for flat designs and can also deliver flexible angle design to meet all studios curve requirements.


UpadIIIH-F<br>Safe and Fast

Safe and Fast


Pixel Pitch: 3.9, 4.8, 5.9mm

Application: LED Ceiling


Applied on LED celiing, UpadIIIH is a supportive high brightness display to be of service to digital set extensions and camera maneuver. It is a safe and reliable solution made of carbon fiber with multiple security mechanisms. The product light-weight design improves assemble-disassemble and maintenance process.

Customized with DDC Technology (Dual Drive Configuration) it presets to the control system dual configuration for brightness and with a single-click you can manage to transition from light range of brightness to a darker range of brightness.


UpadIII-F<br>One for All

One for All


Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm

Application: LED Floor


UpadIII is the supportive solution for LED Floor. The 3rd generation of Upad series is an acclaimed display within the LED Industry, recognized by its reliable and stable performance. It delivers precise flatness connection between cabinets for flat designs.

It delivers accurate range of colors and brightness in order to match with the content being displayed on the LED Walls.

The product light-weight design improves assemble-disassemble and maintenance process.

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