The television and broadcasting industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in terms of information technology, and it is featured with wide digital signal applications. The current radio and television transmission has become the formation of wireless broadcasting, satellite coverage, wired home and network connectivity. The monitoring information types include TV and broadcast programs, real-time site work data monitoring, TV program monitoring, etc. The monitoring signal types can be classified as CCTV signal, TV HD signal and computer monitoring data RGB signal. Therefore, it is urgent for broadcasting industry to unify the monitoring and management of a large number of data and video information.        

Needless to say, integrated display and control with access to multiple video and data information will undoubtedly become the best choice for radio and television monitoring network construction.

Solution Features

a. Provide redundant configuration

With module design and extension features; support hot swap of collection card and therefore reduce the risk of failures.

b. Ultra high stability

The whole system adopts advanced technology and system to improve reliability and security; support 24/7 running operations. The redundant configuration of power and signal enables real-time broadcasting and avoids accidental black-out or other problems during operations.

c. Compatibility

The product is compatible with all kinds of video signals like VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI. One system can display video image signal, computer signal, network digital signal, cable TV signal etc., besides, it supports SDI and CVBS output to achieve the seamless combination of signal with relay vehicle or SNG (Satellite News Gathering) and guarantee the high compatibility and display for video signals. For instance, during the news program production, one can do inter-cut operations on entry station, caption processing, dubbing, manuscript editing.

d. Color temperature adjustable

Color temperature can be adjusted according to specific scenes. The color temperature of the display can be set within the range of 2,600K to 1,000K, which is ideal for television studio lighting.

​e. Automatic color adjustment 

Each display unit can exchange information and adjust its color automatically to ensure the color uniformity and present perfect display effect.

f. Stability

The display terminal possesses anti-atmospheric, electromagnetic, radio and static interference functions, which can effectively prevent the images from flickering.


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