Jun 14.2024

Unilumin Shined at InfoComm USA 2024 with Pioneering LED Display Applications

From June 12th to 14th, 2024, Unilumin Group, the LED Application Pioneer, once again captured the spotlight at InfoComm, held in Las Vegas, USA. Showcasing their exceptional LED display technologies and innovative solutions, Unilumin offered global attendees a visual feast with their latest offerings in virtual production, specialized display, creative commercial display, and outdoor solutions.


Virtual Production
In the realm of virtual production, Unilumin's UpadIV 2.6 Pro stood out, creating the futuristic "Studio of the Future." Collaborating with over 10 partners including Vū, RED, and Megapixel etc. Unilumin presented a leading virtual production solution. This solution's creative configurations, such as right angles, curves, and four-sided 135° builds, provide limitless possibilities for production design.


Professional Display
Unilumin’s specialized display series also made a significant impact. The Upanel 1.2S, with its 10,000:1 high contrast ratio, ultra-low moiré, 50% energy savings, and reliability, proved to be an ideal choice for broadcast, control rooms, conference rooms, and XR environments. With a variety of options available, there’s a perfect display solution for every need. Previously highlighted at ISE, NAB, and IME, Unilumin’s leading COB and MIP specialized displays were once again showcased, reaffirming their cutting-edge technology.



Creative Commercial Display
Unilumin’s commercial display series demonstrated its capability for creative splicing, effortlessly handling inner and outer arcs, cylinders, square columns, and custom shapes. These energy-efficient, high-performance products enable clients to create eye-catching commercial advertisements that easily capture consumer interest.


Outdoor Solutions
The Usign 8 product emerged as an ideal choice for outdoor digital media. With its 1ft*1ft modular size, flexible configuration, and 8,500nits brightness, it remains clear and visible even in direct sunlight. Its easy installation, dynamic energy-saving technology, and IP65 protection ensure stable and reliable operation, providing peace of mind for end-users. Another highlight for outdoor in booth is the brand new outdoor COB1.9 series, with stunning details display, providing better advertising effect outdoor.


Other Highlights
UsportX, designed for professional outdoor stadium perimeter screens, features soft rubber and mask protection to safeguard athletes from injury while protecting the screen from damage. This ensures stable and reliable performance during sporting events.

At the exhibition, Unilumin also showcased several other innovative products:
- The lightweight, high-brightness double-sided screen UslimS2 2.5.
- The Uluxe1.5 2K NPP product, ideal for the broadcasting industry with fully automated production.
- The rental series, including the Upad IV with U-shield Tech, featuring lower pixel failure rates and five times the lifespan of typical rental products, maximizing client returns.

 As a global leader in the LED display industry, Unilumin remains committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its clients. Looking forward, Unilumin will continue to uphold the principles of innovation, professionalism, and reliability, consistently introducing advanced LED display technologies and solutions to deliver more vibrant and engaging visual experiences to users worldwide.