Jan 09.2009

A Celebration of the Spring Festival of 2009 and A Meeting of Work Summarization of 2008

    The unforgettable 2008 has been past. In such a special year, our homeland experienced many special events, for example, we confronted snowstorm at the begin of this year, we suffered Wenchuan Earthquake in May which is shocked the whole world, but then we held Olympic Games successfully in August, and then all of the world faced one of the worst Financial Risk in recent one hundred years. Surely, 2008 was a year that totally different from other years, and when we looked back those events, we suffered a lot, lost a lot, but also gained a lot.

     As the New Year is coming, our company held a celebration of the Spring Festival of 2009 and a meeting of work summarization of 2008 at Garden Hotel for all of our staff.     The first step of this active is summarization meeting. Firstly, Lin Mingfeng, our company’s board chairman, made a speech for us, in which, he praised our employees’ diligences, affirmed the action we took towards global financial risk and required us to do better in future so that Unilumin is able to make a great progress in 2009. And then, manager of each department gave summary reports of the last year and made resolution for the next one. At last, Mr. lin gave rewards to the excellent personnel and excellent team. The celebration of Spring Festival was following the meeting. Our employees gave us a wonderful performance, including dances, songs, opusculums and chorus. The celebration was extremely successful and expressed our people’s versatility, solidification and friendship and also showed the power of Unilumin.      With more opportunities and challenges, 2009 is also an unordinary year for us. But Unilumin firmly believes that we are able to behave better in 2009!      We believe We can fly!      We believe We can touch the sky!