Jun 22.2022

What Looks Better for Filming? Projector or LED Wall?

Differences between projectors and LED walls

What looks better for filming? Projector or LED wall?

How to choose the right LED wall for filming?


Anyone looking for display technology will figure out with simple research that film projector has been a popular choice for filming for many years now. However, currently, LED video walls are the latest trend. Many homes and commercial establishments like museums, sports bars, houses of worship, and other public settings are switching their old projectors with state-of-the-art LED walls. But is this the right choice? What looks better for film projector or LED wall? To ensure you make the right purchasing decision a detailed "Projector VS LED wall" have been mentioned next for your better understanding. So, do read on to know more.


Differences between projectors and LED walls


To fully understand the differences between projector and LED walls, you have to first have to know a bit about them and how they work. This is suggested as it will help you to have a clear idea, helping you to understand the differences better. So, let's start with that:




A standard projector works in two parts. Along with the unit of the projector, you will also see a screen. The screen that receives the image is usually kept white (matte) so that the image shows clear. The screen is available in two different versions: fixed version and roll-up version. One needs to have an unobstructed space so that the projector can be set up accurately and effectively.


LED Walls


Typically, LED wall will look like a large television screen. Compared to a regular TV screen, these are divided into many smaller sections to make the usage and handling more manageable. The central system is responsible for managing the LED panels connected to it. They are slowly becoming everyone's favorite choice as unlike LCD panels, this one has no bevel on the edges, making the whole device sleek in design. This ensures you do not need a lot of space to set it up properly like in the case of setting up a projector. The control system can be placed remotely or concealed inside the wall, helping you to save more space.


What looks better for filming? Projector or LED wall?


Each option comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding and comparing the capabilities of these two devices will help you understand which one will be the right choice as per your needs, preferences, and budget.


Picture or Display Quality


When it comes to the performance in terms of definition and resolution, both devices are somewhat similar. You can find both setups in higher resolution and ultra-high definition (4K). There are some projectors that are considered as lower-end models that is known for managing only standard definition picture.


It is true that you can use a projector to produce images on large screen. In fact, projector will work on a screen that is even bigger than a standard movie screen. However, large-sized screens for projectors are quite expensive.


On the other hand, typically, LED walls for filming can be up to 120 inches. However, at an affordable rate they can be tiled for creating a screen of any size required or desired. The design and edge of LED walls allow it to have high-dynamic range performance.


The winner: So, you can see that a LED wall is the better option when considering this important category or feature.


Flexibility and Set-up


This is a tricky category to talk about as both devices are known for including great features in terms of flexibility.


You have the option to move the LED panels to any wall as long as it has the space to house the LED walls. Compared to projectors, this device is easier to set-up. Even the estimated installation time is less than projectors. One of the main reasons for LED walls offering flexibility is because they are usually thin and sleek in design. The best thing about them is that you can set it up accurately in curved formats as well. This is not possible in the case of projectors. If the surface is not even or as per the requirements, then the picture produced by the projector will be distorted.


You can only move the projector unit technically for standard projectors. You will have to put in more effort to move the screen if you are considering the screen (matte) to achieve a clearer picture. Other than this drawback, proper projector set-up requires unimpeded space between the projector and the screen, and this can be considered another blow to its flexibility as well.


The winner: You can see that each device has its own setbacks and benefits in terms of flexibility. So, let's call it a tie.


Brightness and Clarity


The sudden popularity behind LED panels is due to the fact that they can provide excellent brightness. As the image will be displayed on the screen, you need it to be clear and crisp. With this kind of device you are getting effective source of light and strong light-emitting diodes. Besides, ambient light does not have much power over them. So, even in an outdoor setting (even during daytime), LED walls can provide clear and of course, bright images.


On the other hand, projectors are known for losing their brightness. As per valid statistics and studies, a standard projector in a single year can lose as much as 30%. This is not the case for LED walls, that are popular as throughout their lifespan they can maintain maximum brightness even if it was used for extensively. Unlike LED panels, projector screen is unable to go completely black. As it is possible in the case of LED walls, you can expect higher, deeper contrast image on the screen provided.


The winner: So, LED walls are the better choice in this category as well.


Other categories where LED walls for filming have an edge over projectors are:


  • * Cost and Maintenance
  • * Savings on energy
  • * Methods of usage


How to choose the right LED wall for filming?


Now that you know that a LED wall is a better option, here are some things that you need to take into consideration for selecting the right one for you:


  • * Figure out what are your requirements from the LED wall for an effective and quick selection process.
  • * The type of environment (indoor or outdoor).
  • * Search as per the space available where you will be installing the LED panel.
  • * What are you planning to play on the LED wall? Choose as per it to get the best option.
  • * Do ensure that the LED wall that you are purchasing comes with valid certifications, warranties, and guarantees.




So, now you know that the answer to the question - what looks better for film projector or LED wall. As, LED walls is definitely the better option, use the information provided above to get the best one for you and your requirements.