Jan 18.2024

Transforming the Fan Experience with LED Perimeter Boards

What is LED Perimeter Boards?

Key Benefits of LED Perimeter Boards

Effective Advertising Strategies using LED Perimeter Boards

Case Studies of Unilumin

The sports industry is in a state of constant change, and today's advanced technology helps it improve by making the experience better for fans. Technology has revolutionized sports consumption, and one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent times is LED perimeter boards. These are some of the most versatile and sophisticated advertising platforms that have become synonymous with nearly all prominent sports events, opening up a distinct window for interaction between sport teams or sponsors along side their audience.


What is LED Perimeter Boards?


Electronic display boards, sometimes known as LED boards, are also designed and used only for sports events. Generally, these boards are mounted all across the sports field or stadium and continuously display advertisements along with other promotional messages for audiences. It consists of many LED panels that combine to make a giant, high-resolution digital screen. Sports sector has also turn to using LED boards which are popularly used because they ensure that fans get the best feed of viewing quality while at the same time creating a good visibility for all sponsors and partners.


Key Benefits of LED Perimeter Boards


High Resolution


One of the benefits that make LED boards dominant is high-resolution power. These boards are created with the aim of producing high-quality, sharp, and immediate images, hence proving them ideal for showcasing advertisements as well as sales promotions. They have a very high resolution hence ensuring that the information is communicated correctly and effectively, it captures attention of passerby which makes advertisers to use sponsors then attractive adverting platform.


Wide Viewing Angles


LED boards have a wide viewing angle; this implies that in any part of the stadium, spectators can comfortably view what has been screened. This gives the same chance for all ads and guarantees that sponsor messages are viewed by more audiences.




Outdoor LED boards can survive through adverse weather and climate conditions, implied a preference for such types of sporting events. The screens can withstand the precipitation of rain, wind conditions, and elements such as direct sunlight all through to ensure that content is always visible in its desired high-quality state. The durability also achieves the benefit of making these LED boards a cost-effective advertising solution, as over time they have low maintenance costs.


Energy Efficiency


LED boards are made to conserve power since they consume lesser electricity than that of traditional advertising board'. Their eco-friendly nature and low cost to run the boards make them beneficial, thereby creating a competitive advantage among all sports teams that would prefer using them. With wider advertising options, many sponsors may choose this method.




Scalability is another important advantage of LED boards. Whether covering a regional league match or an international competition and whether small for a start-up event to gargantuan any field size coverage. This provides an opportunity for the sponsors to customize their messages and advertisements based on specific events, thereby yielding maximum return in terms of campaign results.


Integration with Other Systems


LED boards can be combinable with other systems to offer an integration experience, such as scoreboards, thus serving the target audience effectively. This is centralized for the instantaneous input of information and updating by showing statistics on play at that point in time, enabling live dynamic moves and chill among audiences.


Effective Advertising Strategies using LED Perimeter Boards


Target the Right Audience


Targeting is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning successful advertisement through LED boards. Since these screens have clear visibility and huge coverage, answers should be found regarding who attended the show in terms of demographics they are attracted to. They can use this information to produce advertisements that are relevant and effective by appealing to the target customers.


Utilize Diverse Content Formats


The reference to LED boards is also connected with the fact that they add flexibility in displaying different types of information, which might include static images, videos, and animation. The diversity should be a positive attribute for sponsors to come up with interesting materials that can attract the audience visually. This can be done with interactive elements, like playing certain games or live polls, that would also allow the fans to receive first-hand input in an immersive event.


Leverage Interactive Elements


There is also possibility to have interactive features on the boards of LED perimeter for a more engaging audience. This not only ensures that a better experience is created for the fans but also optimizes data collection and analysis. With interactive features added to such content, sponsors are able to collect a lot of relevant data about the way in which audiences behave and thus produces audience-based promotion campaigns that may be more effective through time.


Integrate with Existing Platforms


Another successful approach is that of leveraging the already existent digital platforms to be used with relation to LED boards. This might take the form of social media or smartphone apps, enabling fans to engage with the content on the boards as it happens. This leaves a multi-channel advertising case where fans are within and out of the stadium.


Track and Measure Results


One of the biggest benefits associated with LED perimeter boards for advertising is that results can be tracked and measured. By combining digital avenues, sponsor has the ability to collect information and use it for evaluation of their effectiveness. This is in order to have continuous betterment, and future perimeter advertising boards campaigns can be optimized.


Case Studies of Unilumin


Unilumin, the global leader in manufacturing LED screens and displays, has a demonstrated history of supplying perimeter boards for major sports events.


Norwegian Premier League


The collaboration between Unilumin and the Norwegian Premier League is a striking case of how LED perimeter boards can change what fans are used to. By concentrating on high resolution, LED screens from Unilumin produce content that is easy to see and aesthetically pleasing, thus drawing the attention of viewers. This has consequently increased the exposure time for various sponsors of the league and, hence, their levels of engagement.


This dynamic multisport software allows multiple sporting events simultaneously using a single Unilumin perimeter board accommodating several games in one place, and six of their LED boards are installed in Norway stadiums to guarantee sponsors' and partners' exposure. The high-quality content that was shown on the screens included adverts, score updates, and live statistics. This created an engaging feel for the fans, and since they were brought closer to feeling like they were in a game, it provided them with added excitement.


Besides the aesthetic element of the LED boards, Unilumin's screens also provided energy-saving capacities in line with FIVB's goals aimed at ensuring sustainability. The screens were also tough to survive in severe weather conditions; hence, they were reliable and durable, especially in outdoor events.

It is possible to evaluate the achievement of Unilumin as part of a sponsorship campaign aimed at the Norwegian Premier League by its high rates of sponsor involvement and awareness. Due to the fact that interactive elements were implanted into exhibitions, public could interact with what was played on screens and not just watch it like some performance – thus this impression is memorable and more significant. This also puts Unilumin as a market leader in supplying LED boards for sporting use.


Dutch Second Division


In one of the Dutch Second Division tournaments, Unilumin LED boards were these sources and served as some of the main elements that helped with organization allowing sponsors and fans to generate vivid receptions. These boards were fixed in different strategic places within the stadium to ensure that they gave a clear advertising view.


Speaking about the LED perimeter boards at the Dutch Second Division, interactivity is one of these aspects worth noting as among videos on offer lists there are many which fans can interact with. The boards were to provide intermittent features that engaged fans in activity while the played-in content was running; such interactives elements included, live poll games etc. This did not only offer the audience with a more heightened sense of presence, but sponsors also had data which they could study.


The high-resolution screens were also key to the success of the tournament, where they ensured all visuals were perfect and catchy to everyone who had an opportunity to attend. Another important consideration was the durability of boards, as they could endure harsh weather conditions observed during outdoor matches.


Unilumin's LED boards installed in the Dutch Second Division It can be concluded improved popularity of the league and increase number sponsors who want to take part in this event. However, the results from this partnership only prove that LED boards can also be a very powerful tool in changing fan experiences and altering paradigms known to sports advertising.


Euro 2020


The Euro 2020 was a competition many had been waiting to witness where twenty-four top national European football teams came together and tried their level for the highly treasured title. This event was of interest to millions of fans around the world; therefore, it served as a great platform for sponsors' promotion activities aimed at reaching and interacting with target audiences. The use of LEDboards is one of the greatest elements that contributed to the success of Euro 2020.


Unilumin is a company that became the provider of such boards and has earned its place as one of the best LED screen manufacturers in the world. These screens were placed around the playgrounds in positions that maximized their visibility for sponsors and partners. There is no doubt that with high resolution and angles of view, it was ensured, in general lines about the effectiveness of these boards – there should have been an attractive visualization element adverts ads as well as presentation material. People saw interest accordingly.


2012 Euro Cup Warsaw national stadia


Preparation for the European Cup of 2012 provided new life to The Warsaw National Stadium This was made possible by Unilumin a firm that endows with pointers which are LED-based on perimeter and helped immensely in ensuring the success of this tournament. These monitors were capable of presenting photographs with high resolution, and they would go hand in hand with other gadgets; thus, making the viewing process even more exhilarating.


To summarize, the LED perimeter board advertisement is an art that has transformed sports by making a beautiful action where supporters with sports clubs manage to achieve their targets in time. Given their high clarity, integration capabilities and ability to grow in size these screens are an essential component for any act that is large enough.