Aug 16.2021

What makes a successful interactive LED wall? - Ultimate Guide

The definition of an interactive LED wall

What are the uses of an interactive LED wall?

How to make an interactive LED wall?

What do successful interactive LED walls do?

Top 5 interactive display walls

As the technology is improving, it is making easier for the business owners and marketers to capture the attention of their audiences more efficiently. One of the latest additions to the modern technologies is the - interactive LED wall. These are interactive video walls can help to successfully draw the attention that every business want. With the best display quality and vivid visuals and animations, these interactive video walls can provide the best audio/visual effect. If you are new to this concept, then you are at the right place. We have provided you with a complete guide about what an interactive display wall is, what the uses and some more details. Read on to know more.


The definition of an interactive LED wall


An interactive LED wall is an efficient and powerful video display option that shows any information, details or message. These display walls give a larger than life experience while allowing the viewers to engage. The best part of these displays is that the size can be increased or decreased according to your needs and requirements.


What are the uses of an interactive LED wall?


These interactive display walls are used in different purposes. This is a perfect audio/visual solution for commercial or business purposes as well as for the educational purposes. It is often used for providing information to the viewers or audiences in the most interactive and effective way:


Commercial applications


Every business is looking for the best and most effective way for presenting information and valuable details to their potential customers. With the help of the multi-display LED solution, it can be an ideal way to reach the goal of educating the audiences and prospective customers. It can be used by retail stores, restaurants and other commercial spaces for providing information about their services and products.


For example: If you own a restaurant, you can install this interactive display screen in the waiting area. The screen can show the menu, best-selling dishes and some more appetizing food images to keep the customers engaged. Even a clothing business can display different outfit ideas by the items available in their store.


Educational application


While some of the educational institutions are still holding to the old concept of learning and educating, some technologies have really made it more fun and exciting to learn. With the interactive videos shown in a large LED display screen, you can educate complex concepts in much simpler way. This can be used in educational institutes, museum, exhibition, planetariums, observatories etc.


For example: Whether it is the origin of the Earth or anything related physics, chemistry or biology, an interactive video can help to understand it in a better way.


Information applications


The interactive LED wall is often used for delivering all important and relevant information in the most advanced and modern way. If installed in the right place, these display screens can be quite valuable to provide a lot of information to the people. Hence, these can be used in different places where you can give some extra knowledge and information related to any particular process, product, services etc.


For example: You can use this in airport, malls, concert halls and stadiums to provide information such as flight departure and arrivals, baggage claim process, new inauguration of any shop, scores of the games or matches etc. Concert halls can use this for displaying information regarding the events and the performers.


How to make an interactive LED wall?


You can build your own interactive LED display in 7 steps. But this is not a very simple process and you need to be quite an expert. Once you get all the supplies, here are the steps you have to follow:


1. Start by printing the tiles


You have to 3D print all the tiles that you are going to use on the LED wall. It can take a lot of time to do so. Each print can take a time of about 5 to 6 hours. So, the total time that you will need completely depends on the number of tiles you have to print.


2. Installing the LED strips


The next step is to install and wire all the LED strips. As these LED strips can be addressed in different ways, you can program them differently such as different brightness or different colors. You have to be very careful about the directional arrows that are on the strips. It will help you to solder the LED strips in their respective places.


3. Trim the board to get the right size


This is an optional step that you may or may not do. It depends entirely on your requirements. You can use a jigsaw and cut the board to the required size that you will need.


4. Button matrix


This is the most important part of making a successful interactive LED wall. Making the button matrix can be quite complicated. You can take the help of the videos that are available to know more about how you can make the button matrix.


5. Test the circuit


Once you have completed the first 4 steps, it is time for you to test the circuit. This will help you to know if the LED strips are installed properly and working in the right way. In this testing process, you will know if there is any problem and then you can fix it.


6. Gluing the tiles


The next step is to glue down all the tiles that you have made into each bracket. Once the tiles are all glued down at the right place, it will look complete and perfect.


7. Programming


Now, the last step of making this interactive LED display is programming. Here, you can include your own preferred patterns and modes to deliver the information and details.


What do successful interactive LED walls do?


The interactive LED wall, realistically, can help in capturing the attention of the people while delivering brand messages. Here are some of the things that these walls do:


Offers entertainment


The main purpose of the LED display wall is to provide fun and entertainment. Because of the eye-catching factor, this can be a great strategy for the businesses to offer entertainment with a long-lasting impression. People can participate here and get better experience as well as they can make some great decisions too. These display screens are made in such a way that it can create a beautiful and captivating visual experience for the people to get information about anything.


Hassle-free connection


A successful interactive LED display offers hassle-free connection with zero-downtime. Even if the internet is down, you can save all the contents offline and run it whenever you want to. Hence, you don't have to face any interruption or disruption while connecting with the people. It offers a completely flawless visitor experience.


Works perfectly with interactivity


A successful interactive LED display is completely touch-sensitive. Hence, the touch sensitivity can work really great. Using the touch interaction, these LED walls can help the people to navigate smoothly, take pictures, feel the texture etc. This haptic touch technology can work really great!


Offers high quality picture


You can enjoy spotless and high-clarity pictures with the help of these LED displays. The successful interactive walls can manage all size and resolutions. Hence, it offers you with the perfect picture quality. You can also adjust the screen display according to your needs.


Top 5 interactive display walls


There are top 5 examples of best interactive LED walls that you can look at. These are:


1. Multi-Display Wall


The creator of this interactive LED wall is Elecom. It is a 2 by 4 multi-touch screen that is made for the brand "Nokia". It can support about 100 touches simultaneously to interact with the people. Thus, it enables a smooth and seamless collaboration through the screen. It offers a great 7680 x 2160 pixel dimensions which can permit high-quality visualization.


2. Wiseman Aquarium Touch Walls


Another great example of interactive wall is the one at Wiseman Aquarius which is created by Greensboro Science Center. They created this amazing and magical interactive wall to get best aquarium experience. It is created by using many cameras and the best Intuiface software. This floor-to-ceiling interactive display turned the whole wall into a magical interactive surface for a flawless experience.


3. Voting Outdoor Wall


The creator of this advanced voting wall is Bliwe. This outdoor interactive wall is touch-sensitive in nature and can be used for voting. This offers a beautiful animation too for the visitors who come to vote for their favorite jockey. This interactive wall also draws 10 random lucky winners from the voters. These lucky winners get some gifts too.


4. Interactive LED Gift Wall


This is another example of the best interactive wall project which is created by UAU. It can integrate four different technologies at a time. These technologies involve - capacitive sensors, vending machine, projection mapping and touch screen. Whenever someone touches the wall, some beautiful animation starts. You have to answer some of the questions they ask and the vending machine will gift away gifts based on the answers.


5. Touch-table Interactive Videowall


This is a great example of interactive LED wall which was exhibited in 2019 at the Retail Expo in London. This wall was created by Promultis. Here, the users can orchestrate the contents of video wall by using the touch table interactions. This wall offers you to compare two cars at a time to know the differences in real-time.