Video Conference


​ With the popularity and development of the network and image technology, the application of the video conference system has been developed into various network- based interactive video applications (“Remote Video” for short). Remote video supports dynamic multi-server cluster deployment and provides multiple high-performance servers. It has good interconnection and interworking, better security, higher reliability, stability and supports different conference modes.

    ​Remote video system has been widely used in network scheduling and managing, marketing and promotion, emergency relief, video command, remote education,     ​remote medical treatment, remote collaboration, remote access, etc. It has achieved fast communication, fast decision-making and greatly improved work     ​    ​    ​ 

    ​efficiency; it has also brought remarkable economic and social benefits for all walks of life.

Solution Features

    ​a. Advancement

    ​Support the most advanced H.323, SIP dual work line in the industry, adopting the most advanced H.264 High Profile video encoding technology, which can be applied in different IP network bandwidth conditions, supporting G.722.1 C, G.719, MPEG4 AAC-LC / LD-fidelity audio coding technology.

    ​b. Security 

    ​High degree of security and encryption system can effectively resist network virus and hacker attacks, strict authorization and authentication mechanism can be     ​compatible with various network encryption machines.

    ​c. Reliability 

    ​Core equipment MCU and terminal telecommunication embedded operating system can guarantee 7*24 uninterrupted operation. In addition, the system also carried     ​out reliability design for platforms, lines, terminals, etc. including power supply, engine, network port, transmission lines, and other redundant backups, which     ​fully guarantee the reliability of the system. 

    ​d. Extendibility 

    ​The Design gives full consideration to the future network and services development, which facilitate the extension and upgrade of the video system to meet the     ​    ​needs of future video applications and protect users’ interest to the greatest extent. For example, the system extends the video conference to the office desktop and     ​mobile terminals on the existing platform to realize video communication anytime, anywhere.

    ​e. Accessibility

    ​Easy operation, maintenance, and management with graphical user interface and man-machine dialog operation. Carrier-class network management enables     intuitive and convenient management toward MCU, the terminal status, equipment information, alarms, etc. which has greatly reduced maintenance difficulty.


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