A debut of Unilumin's products in “Bao’an Exposition”

2016.08.09 Unilumin

The "Bao’an Industry Development Expo in 2016" was held at the Convention Center Hall One by Bao’an District People's Government in 28-30th July, this is the first session of the "Bao’an District Industry Development Expo", and it is also an important step for Bao’an District to create an "industrial area" and "vitality area".

“Bao’an manufacturing” turned “Intelligent” manufacturing, attracting the world’s attention

It is said that the positioning of Bao’an Expo is to create overall shows and the top events of Bao’an District industry development, expanding around the largest scale, most exhibitors, most content-rich and etc. The exposition site was set up 15 functional blocks with total exposition area of 30,000 square meters.

It seems that the Bao’an Expo has a high-end positioning and wins in the first battle, supported by strong industrial base of Bao’an District. At present, there are 64,300 various types of industrial enterprises in Bao’an District, of which more than 2,221 state-owned and large non-state enterprises and 1,232 national high-tech enterprises attended. Relying on technology and innovation, the emerging industries are flourishing, therefore, "Bao’an manufacturing” gradually turned into Bao’an "intelligent" manufacturing and the electronic information, intelligence equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, new energy, new materials and wearable tech products exported to both domestic and overseas, which is an important way to learn about China for the world.

As a native enterprise in Bao’an, Unilumin is a backbone of the LED industry. Its sales revenue achieved 1.3 billion yuan, annual output value was 15 billion yuan in 2015 and unilumin has been even named as "National High Tech Enterprise" in the early of 2008. Of cause, Unilumin was also invited to this exposition, booth number B1391-B1396, more important is that products of Upanel display, wisdom street light, Star series (Uranus, Neptune, Venus) new street light constitute a unique landscape, catching people’s eyes.

The first show of Unilumin’ new product - Wisdom Street light

It is worth mentioning that, “the first show” of Unilumin’s wisdom and new star series street lights dedicated to the first “Bao’an Expo”. Once the presentation started, its amazing features left the audience gaping at it. We are not unfamiliar with the wisdom street light perhaps, and it as the first army of wisdom lighting has been known for long time with the popularity of the concept of wisdom lighting. Unilumin’s wisdom street light has been mentioned in each major forums and summits, but this exposition revealed its true features. Wisdom Street light was displayed in the most prominent position in Unilumin Hall. Based on R&D-by-self unilumin1.1 intelligent control system (i.e. Public Lighting Intelligent Control System), giving the street light a variety of incredible features: intelligent power-saving, intelligent positioning, video player, voice broadcast, security monitoring, WIFI hotspot, emergency charging ...... surprising people: only unexpected, nothing is impossible!

In addition, Unilumin’s star series of new LED street lights also made its debut launched in this exposition, including Uranus, Neptune, Venus, etc. The ingenuity of R & D engineers can be found just from the name on the products - romantic sky sparked makes people to think boundlessly, combining perfect streamlined shape, which seems to see the trajectory of the planets. Moreover, the connotation of these products cannot be ignored. They can be integrated WIFI, intelligent control and other functions, indicating that Unilumin’s LED street lights will continuously keep innovative and pursue excellent quality.

The first golden ratio in industry, stunning the audience

As a pioneer in this industry, Unilumin’s Upanel display creates golden ratio 16:9 cabinets, which can be easily assembled into a large 2K/4K/8K screen, forming the ultimate golden vision. The appearance of Upanel1.5 appealed all the audience, using 25 standard cabinets seamlessly splicing a big screen, accounted for almost half of the entire wall of the hall, and its high-definition pixel display lifelike quality to create a strong visual impact, attracting many visitors to watch.

Upanel is not just pretty, but also highly favored by the market. Unilumin’s Upanel has been successfully applied to many projects both in domestic and overseas, such as Seattle TV station in America, Yunnan public Security Bureau, Fujian Police Corps, Huawei headquarters hall, Tencent security command center and other important places.

“Bao’an Expo” is like a window, each of enterprises can fully display their spotlight to the world from this window, and moreover, it also can make the world to know the “new” Bao’an through these excellent enterprises.