Feb 03.2020

How to Determine Budget for Buying LED Video Wall?

My dear friend, do you want to buy an LED display? Here we offer you a detailed introduction to the various costs included in the quotation of LED display screens based on many years of experience, expecting to help you have an intuitive and clear understanding when purchasing LED color screens.


In fact, in addition to the screen body, there are many other parts involved in the budget. So, the main parts of the LED display budget are what to be shared with you as below. 




1. The cost of the main display is generally calculated according to how much it is per square meter, that is, the common LED display price is xxx yuan / m2. The price will be different depending on the display model and materials used. The quotation of a screen body includes a full set of components within a LED color screen: tube core, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic mask, as well as all the wiring and connection lines inside the display. Generally, it is a tax-included quotation which may vary in specific cases. So please inquiry in detail.


2. In addition to the main screen, the cost of the control system is also a large part of the display budget. This part of the cost covers mainly that of the sending and receiving cards. Generally, there is only one sending card and more than one receiving card installed in the computer host. The number of the control card is mainly determined by the size of the display screen. Generally speaking, the larger the size is and the higher the density of the display is, the greater the number of receiving cards would be used.


3. A computer is needed to control the LED display. The configuration is relatively high: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or larger independent graphics card, a motherboard that has a PCI slot. Since display screens are able to playback audio and video, the budget also involves that of the amplifier and audio. Outdoor LED displays involve the cost of the power distribution cabinet which provides voltage power supply current for the stable operation of each component of the display device to effectively prevent the display power supply switch from tripping.


4. Cooling equipment: outdoor LED display screens of more than 20m2 must be set with an air-conditioner by the manufacturer to ensure the operation of the screen body and extend the life of the components of the display. Indoor screens or small display screens generally do not need that equipment; large indoor display screens are strongly recommended to be equipped with wall-mounted air conditioners to effectively reduce the temperature to promise its operation and reduce breakdown rate.


5. Audio + power amplifier: the devices that enable synchronized audio playback with the video, generally combined with 1 power amplifier and 2 audios.


6. Power distribution cabinet: the device can be omitted from small ones; it is recommended to be set on display equipment with a power of 10KW or more to provide stable voltage and current for the operation of various components of the display equipment, and effectively prevent the display from malfunctions like tripping of the power switch.


7. Lightning arrester: for outdoor LED displays, mainly used to protect against lightning strikes; indoor display may not use it.


8. Video capture card: TV card, a small card which is installed in the computer, can make the display screen broadcast cable TV programs synchronously when being equipped with the corresponding driver software. Users can decide whether to buy the inexpensive card based on their own need.


9. LED video processor: the device that is mainly to improve the overall display effect and function application of the large screen, so as to fully tap the value of the display. It can also solve the problems of access, processing and display of various video signals, and can complete the format conversion between many signal formats. There are many brands and models of LED video processors with different prices.


10. LED player software: including computer system software, LED video player software, etc. which are usually provided for free.


11. Steel structure, manual installation: the bracket used to fix the display screen. It is usually a steel frame structure with aluminum-plastic plate or stainless-steel edging material. Manual installation cost is also included (advice: customers can find a local manufacturer to make it based on the design drawings of the steel frame structure provided by the manufacturer for free. The work is simple and can be completed by ordinary workers with lower cost).


12. Freight: the cost is depended on the transportation distance. Customers are supposed to easily accept the fee Customers could also choose to take charge of this part on their own, but the fee must be reported honestly.


13. Technician's fee: when the display is delivered to the customer, 1-2 technical engineers would be sent to assist the installation and technical commissioning. Customers only need to be responsible for the general boarding and lodging expenses and round-trip expenses of our technical engineers which should be reported with honesty. 


Above are all parts of the quotation for the LED display​. The article is aimed to provide you with an explicit understanding when you make a purchase.